Monday, May 16th, 2022

Soapbox: Could you already abolish the phrase “Lazy Devs”?

Difficult work in difficult situations.

In this hobby, there is one magic word that is always trotting. This is a convenient term used to describe all digital illnesses — Lazy.. “How did the problem with this game get to the e-shop?” “Who didn’t care about finishing this puzzle / mini-game / character’s face properly?” “Function X / How much effort did it take to add Y / Z? “

A new release that isn’t quite different from the last game in the series? Lazy.. Reuse assets. This can be anything from handy 3D props for mundane objects to existing (and expensive) motion-capture animations. Lazy.. QA staff (people doing the seemingly desirable job of testing games all day) are another frequent target of this general anger, “missing” obvious bugs and other game-breaking issues. Often accused of being lazy because of “being”.The truth is that QA staff finds and raises these issues, and then someone else — another Lazy One definitely — considers cost, complexity, and available time to decide what to deal with.

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