Friday, September 17th, 2021

Soapbox: Chiptune is great, but the influence of the complete orchestra is unparalleled

Image: Ludwig Kwan via Pexels

It’s great to see people’s love for video game music in our current Nintendo Life video game music festival; it will properly celebrate various audio and soundtracks in various games and genres. When the right music is combined with a great game, it can be said that there is no more satisfying experience than entertainment; the fusion of storytelling, visual effects, audio and player agents makes the game truly unique.

For this short article, I focus on a specific Atmosphere And style, however– Orchestral Game music.

In this case, I was quite prejudiced. History made me faint immediately when I heard the crisp strings, the depth of brass and woodwind instruments, and the rhythm of percussion.Once, you see, I planned to become an orchestral musician, and as a result almost Being on the French horn is good enough to apply for college and pursue that dream; I finally chose literature and writing, but this is a decision that may have any results.

When I was growing up, the unique sound of music and a complete orchestra working in perfect harmony was rare in video games. This is mainly due to technical reasons, but even if CD-ROM technology began to appear-that was in the 90s, for those who suspected that I was approaching middle age-many game studios still did not tend to hire orchestral musicians and Put it on the production level and related game soundtrack investment.This is also very good-synthetic sounds, chiptune, etc. can all make sounds Astonishing.