Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

So who will be the final fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

It must say Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I ran extraordinarily. Masahiro Sakurai and his team oversee an ongoing highly hyped project to expand the launch roster through the Fighters Pass, with Volume 2, the sixth and final character being the end of the road. Was confirmed.

As you definitely This will last about 40 minutes tomorrow (October 5th) with a special broadcast of 7am Pacific Standard Time / 10am Eastern Standard Time / 3pm UK / 4pm Central European Summer Time.

When it comes to predicting the final addition- Official list number 82 -It feels like all bets are off. Especially with the addition of DLC, some long-awaited characters that were supposed to be off board due to logistical issues were delivered: Joker, Banjo & Kazooie, Steve / Alex, Kazuya. There seem to be few franchises out of range, and as Ultimate continues to play the game, it feels like no character is really impossible.

Now, to prepare for the excitement, we took the previous list, made some necessary adjustments, and voted all over again.So look and tell me who you I think we will conclude the lineup.

Leon S. Kennedy

Notable games: Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Series

for: High recognition factor; unlike existing characters, the possibility of unique style. May be part of a Resident Evil Evil Fighter pair-Claire and maybe? Great hair.

Against: With guns, knives, blood, and creeping zombie flesh, the Leon and Resident Evil series aren’t exactly child-friendly (except for the president’s daughter). Counterpoint: NS Metal Gear Solid The series features genital-based explosives and smash snakes.

Final smash: A chainsaw guy sneaks into the stage and everyone except Leon loses his head.

Viewtiful Joe

Notable games: Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2

for: Crazy style; a skilled fighter that already fits perfectly. Sexy Silvia will be a great shadow fighter.

Against: I haven’t appeared in the game for a while (it doesn’t necessarily matter-kids need education!)

Final smash: Joe slows down the time and delivers blow-after-blow until time resumes and the opponent bounces around the screen.

Amaterasu Omikami

Featured games: Okamiden, Okamiden

for: Possibility of cool combat with Celestial Brush. Rich combat experience; Ink painting style is a unique addition (imagine the stage).

Against: … No, I can’t think of anything.

Final smash: Chibi Terrace pops out with a celestial brush and plants a bomb that blows enemies into the stratosphere.

Ramirez & Johnny (Fortnite)

Notable games: Fortnite

for: Incredibly recognized by millions of people. The manga style goes well. Choose from a wide range of echo fighter skins. Fortnite = yet It’s so hot right now that it may last forever at this rate.

Against: Do you have one?He shouts, but it’s not really Many..

Final smash: After thanking three or four bus drivers thousand Many times, he finally shows his gratitude for your gratitude by dropping his car from the sky directly above your opponent.


Notable games: Dragon Ball Fighters, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and many more

for: The most famous character in the giant franchise is actually a great martial artist with lots of flashy movements, When It is a property of Namco Bandai (a big friend of Mr. Sakurai).

Against: Do you have one?Unless you count screaming, it’s not Many As a negative.

Final smash: It bounces into the clouds, producing projectiles of immense strength, screaming very loudly while it completely wipes out all of its path.

Wrestler (Rhythm Tengoku)

Notable games: Rhythm Tengoku Megamix, Rhythm Tengoku Series

for: A large repertoire of killer moves. It looks great on the camera. A great addition to the Smash soundtrack vault. Wubba dubba dub, For real?

Against: Sometimes our desire for fighters is based only on those who want to see it in the form of amiibo-this May It will be one of those times.

Final smash: Choose the one you like! Maybe the paparazzi flock to the frame and you “pose for the fans” and blow everyone off stage with your powerful pécs. or, Chorus kids Arriving and using ultrasonic voice to shatter your opponent.


Notable games: Pushmo / Pull Blocks, Crashmo / Fall Blocks

for: You can create an interesting mechanism for a block-filled stage, we’ve never seen Maro on Switch … yet.

Against: Little-known cute characters are sure to cause “fan” anger in certain circles.

Final smash: A wall of blocks appears behind the opponent, and Maro pushes a button. As he is on the block, everyone else is shattered from the stage towards the screen, landing with an exclamation mark and sliding down.

Downwell man

Notable games: Downwell

for: Potential load at the downwell stage. Gun boots provide cool aggressive movements. It’s unlikely to be Bayonetta, but it will create a great team. Will get off … well.

Against: A word?

Final smash: The Downwell guy removes his gun boots and puts them on his opponent. Having no experience with such footwear, they are blown up from the stage towards their destiny.

Master chief

Notable games: Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo series

for: An iconic game character. Trained in advanced combat.

Against: The Master Chief is very different, but already Microsoft’s crossover between BK and Steve was very amazing.

Final smash: Cape Iboinoki speeds up to the stage, and the chief jumps in while still in motion, plowing his enemies and ending the battle.


Notable games: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry Series

for: The DMC game has been re-released on Switch for some time. It fits naturally into the smash.

Against: Yet another swordfighter. Perhaps too similar to an existing fighter?

Final smash: “Let’s rock, baby!” Then Virgil, Trish, Lady, and more jump in. Stylish and explosive violence continues.


Notable games: Really?

for: Innovative addition. Very symbolic. I want to see the T-spin turn into an aggressive move.

Against: Tetromino is not endowed with a wealth of personality.

Final smash: NS Tetris 99-Throw a line over the enemy and crush it mercilessly.

Wonderful 101

Notable games: Wonderful 101

for: A unique addition with plenty of characters and possibilities. It fits nicely into the long-rumored switch port.

Against: One of the technical challenges of implementing so many fighters into one “character”.

Final smash: The entire 101 morphs to form a unite hand and flicks the stage neatly.