Image: Nintendo Life

Switch OLED seems to have made a good start in terms of sales. Many reading this must have got Nintendo’s new console SKU last week or so. We’re a fan of nice new screens and a variety of improvements to the basic design, giving the console a slightly more upscale look than the reliable standard switches we’ve been rocking for years.

Looking at Nintendo’s marketing materials, it’s permissible to think that there is only one variation available, one with the new white dock and Joy-Con, but the good old neon red and blue Joy- A black dock for Con and Switch traditionalists and OG shade lovers.

A quick survey around the NL office found that the neon red / blue option was by far the least popular option.In fact, only our Sterling Ops director, Darren bored Classic option. He is already raking in Loft’s new controllers. Probably because when the analog started sticking to his fetching Skyward Sword Joy-Con pair:

Switch made by OLED you But do you pick it up? I think most people chose a brand new variety just for the change, but I’d like to support that assumption with some cold hard data from your lovely self. Let us know in the polls below, and perhaps make Daz feel a little more lonely in his life choices.