Monday, May 16th, 2022

Skyrim Anniversary Edition celebrates its release by offering free horse armor

Oh, how things have changed. Fifteen years after gamers made a fuss about horse armor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda is discounting the infamous DLC in Skyrim Anniversary Edition. PC gamer..

Skyrim Anniversary Edition horse armor found in Creation Club.

Horse Armor DLC can be found in Skyrim’s Creation Club menu.For download[おすすめ]Both versions (steel and elf) will pop up in the tab. From there, resume the game and head to the local stables. Find an NPC that sells horses to you. Then there is a new dialogue to get brave horse armor. Choose the version you want and pay the kind stable 500 Septim, and you officially inspired your vehicle.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-Official Anniversary Edition and Upgrade Overview Video Breakdown

It’s funny to think that when Bethesda introduced the horse armor DLC to Oblivion players, it cost only $ 2.50 (or 200 Microsoft points). Much of the gaming community laughed at the idea of ​​paying real money for cosmetic DLC in single-player games. Today, the terms “Battle Pass” and “Content Roadmap” are taken for granted, and gamers around the world pay well over $ 2.50 for in-game items.according to US gamerBethesda was the first third-party publisher to bite Microsoft’s idea of ​​offering microtransactions on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The fact that DLC existed wasn’t that many (Oblivion certainly didn’t invent the idea of ​​post-release content), but it’s a price that offended people.Check out the old one NeoGaf Forum Post And then some would jokingly get Pepsi-sponsored horse armor. Horse Armor quickly became a joke in the video gaming community whenever they released a DLC that developers didn’t think they needed.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition, thankfully, comes with more than horse armor to celebrate this opportunity. The re-release includes Morrowind’s new quest line, weapons and armor, survival mode, and fishing mechanics. This is in addition to all previously released content, CreationClub content, and more. Skyrim Anniversary Edition has been released today.

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