The next release of Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition can hurt the game mods scene and can mean a significant amount of work for game mods.

If you’ve been adding mods to your Skyrim version over the years, you may have come across the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) plugin used to help run a variety of popular mods in your game. there is. .. It’s also possible that you’ve adjusted your game’s update settings on Steam and used a different mod manager to launch your game. Failure to do this can corrupt the SKSE each time the Bethesda Creation Club receives a new update.

As reported by PC gamerWhen Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition goes on sale next month, player-purchased copies will include not only the Special Edition version of the game, but all the mods currently included in the Creation Club. However, unlike Skyrim’s previous iterations, which were offered as a new release, Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition will be offered as an update to existing games instead. This is a factor that is likely to cause major problems with various mods that are currently using SKSE and other similar features. Plugin.

The main reason this is a problem is that as part of the update, Bethesda has decided to change the game’s compiler from the 2015 version of Visual Studio to the 2019 version. NS SKSE developer, extrwi Note that this causes problems for the modding community as it “changes the way code is generated by forcing mod developers to find the function from scratch and write hooks”.

Skyrim’s mods community has been pretty good over the last few years, but in the meantime many mods have moved to new projects. As a result, if a popular mod breaks, no one can fix it. “It takes a reasonable amount of time for each plugin to do this,” extrwi explains.

“I could probably sit there for a few nights and hit an updated version of SKSE, but my main concern is the rest of the plugins out there. The plugin ecosystem is where people move. It’s been around for long enough, and the code virtually everyone who wrote a native code plugin needs to do at least some work to support AE. This is, in reality, This means that the native code mod scene will be suspended for an unknown period of time after the release of AE.

Developers should back up their game executables now and disable updates on Steam before the Anniversary Edition is released on November 11th, if they are using mods in-game. Was recommended.

For more information on the Skyrim modding community, check out the interview with modders behind Skyrim mods. It was not possible to create a version of Oblivion Bethesda in 2006.

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