Monday, September 20th, 2021

Sky: Son of Light Review (Switch eShop)

When “Sky: Children of Light” (or “Sky” in the game) was launched on iOS in 2019, it received well-deserved praise.Some people are disappointed by the follow-up to the iconic adventure game travel It would have been constrained by the mobile world, but after seeing the gorgeous graphics, simple gameplay, and social interaction inspiration, there is only one problem in the mouths of global players: “Wait… this is a mobile game?!”

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that many gamers (including the author) hope that the game will eventually be launched on the console, as long as they can better control the protagonist without worrying about their hands cramping. Well, two years have passed, Sky At last Available on Nintendo Switch, it retains everything that makes the mobile version so great, while adding fully button-mapped controls (yes, we know that mobile devices support controllers… just let it go).

Explaining the plot of Sky feels rather redundant, because you can play as you like, but we will give it an ancient university attempt: it takes place in a beautiful kingdom, and your task is to find the soul location in the different scenes of each game. Find and interact with souls to obtain new items, such as hairstyles, cloaks, and masks, in exchange for in-game currency. In addition to the soul, you will also encounter nominal “children of light” who will upgrade your flying ability as you play the game.

Ultimately, the goal of the game is to explore the environment so that you can acquire items and abilities that you can explore more environmental. To some people, this may sound a bit pointless, but like the previous games of that game company, the appeal of Sky lies in its simplicity; gliding through clouds, sliding down icy slopes, or just playing with other games. People are sitting around the campfire.

The latter forms a big Part of the experience. In order to make the most of games, social interaction is almost essential, but the good news is that it’s handled completely undisturbed. with It combines cross-play with mobile users. As you play the game, you will see other players wandering around, some of them may go to the same destination as you, while others may leave and do their own thing. Every player can be approached and greeted. You can choose to make friends with players and give them a nickname of your choice.

We met Bob early. Bob is a newbie to the game because we met them in the original central world and they wore the default costumes. After a burst of cheers, we took each other’s hands and set foot on this world. Now, to be clear, we don’t know Bob’s residence, their age, or their real names. Sky wisely ignored providing any such information and instead focused on player interaction, and as long as Player interaction. We travel long distances together, screaming when we see, and cheering when we find the goal.

It was a pleasant experience to say the least, but of course we had to part ways with Bob in the end. In a strange way, we felt a slight sadness when they left.Of course, we can know other people and call them Bob, but the situation is different; it’s not our Bob. Just like Journey before, the social aspect of Sky seems deep, and you will be surprised how quickly you can connect with your acquaintances in the game.

In addition to the exploration and social aspects of the game, there are many options for customizing your character. These items are available in the center world, and you can customize everything up to the instrument your character will carry throughout the game. We chose a charming little guitar. The best part is that you can turn on the instrument at any time during the game. Each button on the Switch controller corresponds to a different note. You can create your own tunes, or play selected music scores.

Of course, with such a simple gameplay and obvious lack of challenges, you want the game to at least look impressive. Well, it is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the best games on Switch. The lighting is absolutely wonderful, combined with the subtle and effective lens flare effect, even if it is not particularly realistic, every world in the game looks very realistic. There is also an option to change the in-game display, so you can lock the game at 30FPS and enjoy a higher resolution, or lower it for a smoother 60FPS experience.We can also reiterate that this game is free. Absurd!

In addition to being released on the Switch, there is also an option to download the “Starter Pack”. Comes with two new cloaks, a boat flute, a new hairstyle and 75 candles (in-game currency); now, the package is priced at £28.99 in the UK market. Do we think it is worth it? Well, no, it’s not special; the game will never force you to buy extra currency, you can happily experience the experience of never buying any extra items, but if you want a little bit of excitement to get you forward, then it’s over there.

The game also acts as a real-time service, regularly launching new seasons and adding new content to players. The upcoming season will launch the game’s first cross-border activity with French children’s character Le Petit Prince, and a new world that coincides with the collaboration. Our only concern about the real-time service format is whether simple gameplay has the staying power needed to keep players engaged for weeks or even months.

in conclusion

We like things that are free, and “Sky: Children of Light” may be the best experience so far available for free on Switch. Whether you are playing in handheld mode or on a big screen, the visual effects are amazing, and the diversity of the game’s different worlds provides enough motivation to explore. The social aspect is reliable, and frankly, the unique ability of the game to connect with complete strangers is a miracle. The only real drawback is that the gameplay is inherently too simple, so we are not sure if it will allow players to experience any future updates for a long time. However, if it does catch your attention, then a magical experience is waiting for you.