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Skull & Co. NeoGripFor Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo Life

For gamers who tend to play the Switch in handheld mode rather than docking, the Switch OLED is a striking upgrade that increases the size of the console screen by reducing the size of the bezel. The console itself is about the same size as the original — largely Because the OLED unit is small 0.1 inch Longer than a normal switch. This is a small difference that is barely noticeable either physically or when slid into the dock, but you will definitely notice it when you try to put the new console into a grip designed for the original console.

I was a little disappointed that the Switch OLED didn’t fit into the existing grip accessories, but after abandoning the fleeting concept of polishing the sides of the Joy-Con controller, I researched alternative grips and found some options. .. Skull & Co of them. This is Neo Grip from Gaming.

Why use grips in the first place? You may ask. In fact, Joy-Con’s form factor is useful for simple portable play sessions, but many players (including this writer) use it for long periods of time, especially while supporting the weight of the console with a handheld. I feel uncomfortable. Mode (and remember that the switch OLED is 0.5 pounds heavier than the standard model). Over the past few years, we have noticed frequent pain and pain in our hands. To take care of yourself to avoid long-term problems, ergonomic grips are a simple and effective way to increase comfort while playing games. On the go — or enjoy a stunning OLED screen with the latest switches.

So what does NeoGrip do that other grips don’t have? Well, for beginners, it comes with three pairs of interchangeable handles to fit different hand sizes. They slide from the bottom and clip into place at the rear. There is a flat “snap grip” with an embossed pattern, the thickest “plus” pair for those with large hands / long fingers, and an intermediate pair with an upper hard edge that makes it easier to grip with the middle finger. You can press the button of.

We started with the latter “trigger grip” variant, but eventually found the most comfortable and largest of the old man’s mitts. The ability to slide your favorite options, or the ability to use them in any combination, is welcome.

The quality of the build is good because the plastic used complements the material of the console itself. I received some grips in two, but they snapped completely. A white option has been sent to match the Joy-Con of the OLED, but if you prefer the classic switch scheme, there are red / black / blue versions.

To attach it to the switch, simply slide the console from above with the Joy-Con installed. Secure the console with another clip at the top and you’re ready to go. The grip works fine without the small click tabs, but it slides slowly if the console is turned upside down for some reason (for example, inside the bag). The extra tabs feel like a little inconvenience that they can be lost fairly easily, but keep everything properly safe. It’s ok — you can see it lost at the bottom of the bag or fall behind the couch.

When it comes to comfort, I’ve played Metroid Dread for hours with NeoGrip and haven’t had any complaints when I need to perform some of the more complex control operations required in the game. When it comes to long gaming sessions, it never outperforms a pro controller, but it’s over soon.

Due to the body design of this grip, the console’s wide kickstand is completely free and can be used if you want to switch to desktop mode, but if you use a larger “plus” or “trigger” grip, the system is quite Must be laid flat. The Neo Grip is horizontal, while the other grips we used stand up on their own. Probably suitable if you want to play a clubhouse game with two people.

One of the great features is the compatibility of NeoGrip with common or garden switches.Yes you can Just slide the old console and tab it in (see Jon’s video below), but the two-part body has three screws that can be removed to fit a regular switch perfectly. It is fixed with a small spacer. It would be even better if you didn’t have to crack a small Phillips screwdriver to toggle the switch, but it’s a safe design and another welcome feature.

Overall, using the Switch and Joy-Con controllers in portable mode is a bit uncomfortable, especially if you need something ergonomic, you need to take care of your hands, especially for long play sessions. If so, we recommend NeoGrip. .. It makes handheld play infinitely comfortable, and its high quality construction and materials match the console perfectly. Its flexibility in interoperability between interchangeable grips and regular and OLED models is also a real benefit. As long as you’re tracking the fragile top tabs, a portable play session with NeoGrip will be much more comfortable for long periods of time while gently toasting your eyes with an OLED screen.

NeoGrip is Skull & Co. Available from the website for $ 19.99. Thanks to them for providing a sample of this review.

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