Monday, November 29th, 2021

Skate 2 was announced for backwards compatibility on the Xbox … but EA is still turning off the server

Skate 2 was recently announced to return to the Xbox console as part of a long list of games that Microsoft has announced to return via backward compatibility. Bad news? EA will turn off the game’s online server next month as well.

After a tweet from the Skate Twitter account (below) announced that Skate 2 was one of over 70 titles on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles via backwards compatibility, the EA team was a fan. I celebrated. However, the studio immediately followed up on this, but there was a short but disappointing reminder that the game’s server wouldn’t last that long.

“We are announcing that we will turn off the Skate2 online server for PlayStation and Xbox on December 10, 2021,” the tweet confirmed. “It’s not an easy decision, and it’s not something we downplay,” the studio continued before providing further links to the information.

The decision by EA will be made after Skate 2 appears to be another in the long list of games whose online fan base is almost endangered. We could have improved this situation by including the game on the Xbox backward compatibility list, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to convince EA to continue the game.

Thankfully, Skate 2’s classic single-player experience remains the same. We hope this will provide the community with the nostalgia they need. If you want to participate in multiplayer, you have only a few weeks left.

The last entry into the skating series came in 2010 with Skating 3. But last year, EA announced that it would revive the series with a new sequel to the skate that the publisher said was in early development at the time. After the announcement, the company later confirmed that the next project was being developed by a new Vancouver-based EA studio called Full Circle.

Microsoft’s decision to make various original Xbox and Xbox 360 games backward compatible was part of a number of celebrations surrounding the 20th anniversary of Xbox. For more information on the Xbox world, check out this article detailing how GamePass was originally a rental service before streaming platforms like Netflix succeeded.

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