If the Metroid Dread’s super-luxury special edition isn’t exciting enough, you can buy more goodies. For real Celebrate the release of the game next month.

Accessory maker PowerA will release a new controller design and switch case featuring Metroid Dread artwork shortly after the game’s release in October. Both are available from Amazon US (controller $ 27.99, case $ 12.99) and will ship from October 15th.

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The controller comes from PowerA’s wired range and features mappable buttons, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a 3m USB cable. The case can hold Switch, Switch Lite, and even new OLEDs, and can hold 10 cartridges.

We haven’t seen these new items pop up in Europe yet, but anyone who pre-orders Metroid Dread from My Nintendo Store UK can participate in the prize draw and win them.

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