Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Shantae and Seven Sirens Get Free “Grand Superstar” Updates Later This Month

Well, here’s a great surprise, Shanti’s latest adventure- Shantae and Seven Sirens I’m getting an update for “The Spectacular Superstar”. This is a free content update that will arrive later this month on November 30th.

Featuring a total of four new modes: decision mode, full deck mode, rule breaker mode, and beginner mode, it adds four different ways to experience the game.

Definitive mode: A more challenging “Director’s Cut” featuring classic shanti difficulty, rebalanced item drops and magic consumption, as well as fierce boss battles and new dialogue with sirens before each battle.
Full deck mode: The definitive mode with a twist. Start with all 50 monster cards and customize Shanti’s abilities to your liking.
Rule breaker mode: Definitive mode with no restrictions. Equip up to 50 monster cards at a time to get the ultimate power.
Beginner mode: The decision mode has been simplified. This easy mode makes it impossible to lose! Great for newcomers and anyone who just wants to explore the world and enjoy the story.

It also provides a legacy mode that allows players to experience the title in its original, unaltered format. Unlockable Hula Costume (provides players with a powerful magical upgrade at the cost of reduced defense). This costume can be used in all modes as long as the player has completed the game at least once.

Other bonus extensions (in all modes) as part of this update include dialog improvements, map markers, and tips that can be turned on and off.

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