Thursday, May 19th, 2022

September Xbox Update: Play Detect Later, Update Microsoft Edge, etc.


  • Xbox app updates allow you to quickly jump to games on your Windows PC..
  • Play Later Discovery allows you to curate and check out your list of Xbox Game Pass games..
  • The latest version of Microsoft Edge will be available on the Xbox console..

In September of this year, Team Xbox is excited to continue offering new ways to make Xbox better by improving the experience and providing entirely new features based on feedback. This month’s update includes new ways to access games on your Windows PC via the Xbox app, Play Later Discovery, updated Microsoft Edge, and more.

A new way to access console games on the Xbox app

An update to the Xbox app opens up new ways to access your game remotely. This includes the following support:

Play Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud. Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) Now available from the Xbox app on your Windows PC for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries. Cloud gaming allows you to quickly jump to games on Windows 10 PC, iOS, and Android devices. No download required.

Use Xbox Remote Play to play games directly from your PC’s home console. If you have an Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, you can access the console gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC. Xbox remote play With the Xbox app. Remote Play allows you to play Xbox Series X | S or any generation of Xbox One games on your Windows PC over the Internet. This is basically a way to reflect the entire console experience on a separate screen. You can browse through the entire game catalog to play, change settings, and interact with friends.

Save the PlayLater list

Play Later Discovery allows you to curate your own title list from over 100 high-quality games in the Xbox Game Pass library. Do you see games that look interesting? Just save it to a list and play it later. If the list isn’t there yet, we’ll show you how to use it and provide some personalized recommendations for the game to add to the list.

Microsoft Edge Updates on Xbox

Starting today, the latest version Microsoft Edge It will be available on all Xbox consoles. This update improves web standards and provides the best web that provides a fast, secure and up-to-date browsing experience directly from the console. You can also enjoy a more streamlined gaming experience across your signed-in devices. If the game opens a new window in Microsoft Edge for tips or guides, send that tab to another signed-in device so you can continue the game seamlessly in the console. This update also includes support for mouse and sync, making it easy to manage your profile settings within Microsoft Edge on your Xbox console.

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