Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Sega’s mysterious RPG is a record of sin

After making fun of the game for a while, Sega announced a new mobile RPG, the Sin Chronicle. This is a game based on player decisions and can only be done once.

The highlight of Sega’s Tokyo Game Show 2021 Showcase – a game pre-teased as a “new RPG” that emphasizes player choice and unique experiences – Synchronicle A mobile RPG for iOS and Android devices. It will be released in Japan on December 15th as a free download with in-app purchase. Pre-registration and closed beta registration have already begun. I haven’t heard about the release in Europe and America yet.

General director Jun Matsunaga introduced the title as “a successor, not a sequel” to the mobile RPG “Chain Chronicle,” which was released in 2013 and later appeared on the PlayStation Vita. He explained that the new game will be available to players who have never experienced a game translated and released abroad, but the global version was closed in 2016.

The main selling point of Matsunaga’s Synchronicle is that the game is based on the decisions players have to make. He emphasized that all selections are one-time only, as all selections are stored on the server and players cannot go back and undo the actions they have already taken. He promised that every chapter that could take 10 hours to complete would end with the “ultimate choice.”

As an example, Matsunaga introduced some characters and pointed out that there are two heroines that the protagonist encounters early in the game. Both can join the party and both can potentially be the main characters, but at some point the player has to choose between them. Of course, the members of your party influence the story, so this one decision will affect all subsequent events. Matsunaga believes that making such a series of choices throughout the game will make each playthrough unique.

In the live gameplay demonstration, voice actor Taito Ban (playing the main character) demonstrated the development of the adventure. The graphics are similar to other 3D mobile JRPGs, and drag your finger on the screen to move the party around the world. The ban had to be chosen from two paths. He chose one that had visible treasures and visible enemies.

Touching an enemy will result in a battle, but if you can attack the Overworld before the battle, it will damage all enemies at first. Combat is turn-based, but it features dynamic movements, as characters are more susceptible to melee attacks if they get too close to the enemy. Each turn allows a limited number of moves based on the available “BP”. Chaining attacks from different characters creates a combo that deals additional damage.

MVPs are selected based on the outcome of the battle, which allows you to strengthen your relationships with other party members. The campfire scene is also an opportunity to make friends with your teammates, as players can choose who to talk to during breaks.

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