Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Sega representatives teases Sonic Colors: the ultimate news of E3 2021

This Sonic the Hedgehog The YouTube channel just aired the first episode of the fifth season of “Sonic Official”.

Of course, fans are curious to know when they can find more information about the recently announced new game, and whether there will be another Sonic Central in the future.

According to Katie Chrzanowski, deputy influence manager at Sega of America, there may be some Sonic Color: Ultimate Sonic fans are recommended to listen to the news displayed at E3 this year. The new broadcast format may also return, but there are currently no plans.Here is complete, polite Tail channel:

Chrzanowski also mentioned how Sega will share more about Sonic Origin And the new Sonic Team title in the future. E3 2021 will officially start on June 12th-are you interested in learning more about Sonic Colors: Ultimate? Tell us below.

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