Monday, May 16th, 2022

“SEGA NFT” trademark discovered despite the company’s recent hesitation

Sega has registered a new trademark of “SEGA NFT” in Japan, although it seems that future plans are undecided.

Trademarks discovered by VGCWas filed in December 2021 and was published today by the Japan Patent Office. Contains images that look like the new logo for Sega’s NFT business.

The company initially announced its intention to launch NFT content in April last year, but comments made at a recent executive meeting suggested that Sega was ready to step back on its plans. At the parley, Sega said, “I want to do various experiments and have already started various studies and studies,” but the negative feedback from the fans is “easy money making.”

It is worth noting that the newly discovered trademark was filed before these comments were made, and that the main point from the Sega conference was that “nothing has been decided”. .. Therefore, as VGC points out, the trademark may indicate that Sega plans to continue its plan for now, keeping an eye on further fan reaction. ..

In related news, renowned video game voice actor Troy Baker partnered with an NFT company to share comments that may have been misunderstood on social media, causing controversy earlier today. They won’t disappear right away, right?