Monday, May 16th, 2022

Sega is somehow bringing aliens: quarantine to mobile “without compromise”

Sega has announced that it will bring alien isolation to mobile devices “without compromise” as part of a package that includes the base game and each of its seven additional DLC packs.

As revealed In a press release, Publisher has confirmed that survival horror games will launch on iOS and Android devices. Franchise fans will be able to get a game that is said to be perfectly compatible with touchscreen devices for a price of $ 14.99 / £ 12.99 starting December 16th.

“The stunning AAA visuals, fascinating stories and horrifying atmosphere of Creative Assembly’s award-winning science fiction masterpieces have been faithfully reproduced on mobile phones and tablets,” Sega said in a statement. “This is a complete survival horror experience brought to mobile without compromise.”

According to the publisher, the game has its own “custom, fully customizable interface” tuned for touchscreen play. That said, Sega was also keen to point out that players could also “fine-tune the game to their playing style.” This essentially translates into the notion that gamepads are also supported.

Alien: Isolation Digital Series Gallery

Alien: Isolation was originally released for the PC in 2014, but bringing the game to mobile “without compromise” is still relatively impressive. That said, if the Switch version of the game goes through, it’s definitely expected to be ported to mobile, especially the Switch version’s visuals, which are praised at the time of release.

For more information on the alien franchise, check out this piece, which details how Ridley Scott believes the alien television show he’s working on isn’t as good as the original movie.

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