Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Sega hopes to release Atlus games globally at the same time

Sega Yakuza: Like a dragon Become the most successful title in the history of the series, obviously thanks to its global release.

Therefore, Sega is now eager to see its subsidiary Atlus-to Character with New goddess reincarnation, And at the same time release the game worldwide, instead of making fans in certain regions wait for months.

This is exactly what Sega Vice President Shuji Uchikawa said in an interview with Famitsu (via Reset era):

“It will be a tailwind for titles to be distributed globally on multiple platforms at the same time. Of course, we will adjust each title, but we also want to know about the global expansion of Atlus titles.”

Switch is about to launch a version of Atlus that will be released globally New Goddess Reincarnation V -Although Nintendo seems to be helping to achieve this goal.

How does it feel like you won’t have to wait that long for certain Atlus versions?Do you insist on the local copy you want to buy Persona 5 Assaulter in the end? Leave a comment below.