Monday, May 16th, 2022

Science fiction turn-based strategy Nova-111 will switch next year

A combination of turn-based strategy, real-time strategy, and a sort of 2D puzzle platformer-like spaceship game, Nova-111 was originally launched on the Wii U and may be overlooked by many. But we gave it 9/10, I don’t know!

Fortunately, you can get past obstacles in the Nintendo Switch space. days It will switch early next year after Santa returns to hibernation.

Nova-111 is from Funktronic Labs and specializes in VR games such as: Star Bear: Taxi When FujiiHowever, you may also know them from Wave Break, a game about skateboarding. It’s not a typo.

Nova-111 will be available at Switch eShop January 13, for £ 8.99 / $ 9.99.