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Scanning Guardian-Mass Effect Wiki Guide

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However, the traitor player will completely ignore Chorban. This is because this mission is related to Jahleed’s Fears Side mission, and if you have never seen Chorban before then, you can earn more Renegade points in it.After that, you can accept Jahleed’s offer Scan Guardian At the end of the “side mission”.

Regardless of whether you have won this “side mission”, we will start with the castle tower, head to C-Sec, Marina Bay, Lower Ward, Upper Ward, and finally to the Presidium, and make a short detour into Ward Pass ( There are no breeders in Chora’s Den or Lower Markets). This route provides the most effective way to obtain all the Guardians with the least amount of backtracking.

All Keeper location sections on this page are accompanied by a map for ease of use, and the numbers match the text below. The image above is an image that combines all the maps together.

In this part of the castle, there are 4 guardians.


Guardian #1 It is the one that Chorban is scanning, between the stairs leading to the conference hall and the rock garden overlooked by the BRT terminal

Guardian #2 It is southeast of Watcher #1, on the balcony overlooking the fountain. You may pass by Admiral Kahuku on the way.

Guardian #3 At the southernmost end of the castle tower. It is located in the rear corner on the west side of the back of the conference hall.

Guardian #4 A large enclosed area located on the west side of Castle Tower Plaza, especially in the North Point.

Once you have all four guardians here, you can take the express bus to C-Sec.

C-Sec and Docking Bay

In these two parts of the castle, there are 3 guardians.

Guardian #5 The application office is located on the east side of C-Sec. Go downstairs and when you reach the bottom and enter the room, look to the left.

Guardian #6 Need to take a detour; enter the central C-Sec elevator and go to the dock bay where Normandy is located. Walk all the way to the end of the main ramp and find it in the upper right corner.

Guardian #7 Return to C-Sec and find it in the “Traffic Control” room. Starting from the college atrium in the middle of the area, go upstairs to the C-Sec office, then continue and go upstairs to the traffic control office. Here, please go to the rail on the right to find the Keeper that just passed it.

Lower zone, upper zone, flux and zone visit

There are 6 keepers in these parts of the castle. Interestingly, in the low-end market, Cholas’s study and fist office are not at all.

Guardian #8 Found in the small room of the small room where Eddie Lang wandered. Get there from Guardian No. 7, go back to the atrium of the college, and follow the south stairs to enter the elevator (from behind the main elevator to the level that meets the bay). At the bottom, walk along the long corridor to where Eddie Lang is; directly opposite you will be the guardian.

Arrive Guardian #9, From Keeper #8 (Keeper #8), take the nearby stairs, then make a left turn at the top and drive east towards Med Clinic. Enter the express bus, pass it, and look to the left to spot the guardian around the corner.

Arrive Guardian #10 From Guardian #9, walk to the middle square of the area, and then go up the stairs to enter Flux. Go to the Flux Casino above, you can find this Keeper in the back corner, next to the location of the castle suspicious gambling machine: signal tracking auxiliary task.

Guardian #11 On the west side of the upper ward. Go to the high-end market area on the map, you can find it in the northwest corner (near the location of Volus Expat merchants).

Guardian #12 In the red lanes, near the end of Expose Saren Mission, you can find the quarry here. Despite the map, it is actually impossible to get there from the high-end market. Instead, return to the central square and go through the door on the east side of the stairs to reach the flux. In this small corridor, enter the alley with your left hand; you will find the guardian in the corner of the wall on the right.

Arrive Guardian #13 Return to the small corridor from Guardian No. 12, then move left into the elevator. At the top, you will enter the “ward passage”: on the west side of the corridor, then look to the right at a small room with some servers inside. The thirteenth guardian will be here.


There are 8 breeders in the presidium area of ​​the castle.

Arrive Guardian #14 From Keeper #13, continue west along the Wards Access corridor and use the elevator at the end. At the top, walk towards the corridor, and at the corner you will appear in the square where the Presidium Prophet Side Quest is located. At the end of the corridor, look directly to the left to find the fourteenth Keeper.

Guardian No. 15 is located opposite the castle tower in the northwest corner of the presidium, opposite the elevator.

Guardian #16 It can be found in the upper back hall of Emporium. Go to Emporium on the south side of the presidium where Delan of the Chamber of Commerce is located. Go up the stairs at the back of the area and walk to the left. The guardian will hide on the left side of this small room.

Guardian #17 Located in the east of the mall. Return to the sidewalk by the river and continue driving east. When you pass the Krogan Statue with Avina, look for the small walkway with the seventeenth guardian on your right. It will be close to some stairs that lead directly to the bridge across the river and the embassy.

Guardian #18 Located on the easternmost side of the river in the southern area of ​​the presidium. Return to the sidewalk by the river from guard number 17 and follow it under the bridge. You will find this Keeper next to the door of Consort Chambers.

Guardian #19 Located at the most northeastern location of the presidium, the Volus and Elcor office of the embassy. You can use the bridge near the Spouse Chamber of Commerce to get from Guardian 18 to the embassy. From there, take the stairs to the right, go through the door, and continue east until you enter the office. Check the back left corner of the room near the window and find Keeper #19.

Guardian #20 Located in the office of the embassy. To get there, go to the central reception area and go up the west stairs. Go through the door, look to the right, and find another door leading to the office; head to the guardian at the westernmost end.

Arrive Guardian #21, Go to the embassy lounge on the west side of the embassy, ​​not far from the No. 20 goalkeeper. When you enter the lounge, go straight into the bar and then go through the doorway on the right of the bar. Turn right and you will see this guardian on the other side of the balcony.

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