Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Scalper sells Elden Ring Closed Network test code for hundreds of dollars

FromSoftware will allow players to try Elden Ring for the first time in a series of closed network tests starting November 12. The test code is now pervasive, but some are scalping access codes on eBay for hundreds of dollars. ..

As always, Scalper tries to find the best price for an item, but according to eBay’s “Sold” and “Completed Sale” pages, you’ll end up buying the Elden Ring Closed Network Test code for hundreds of dollars. Some people.

Credits: Captured by eBay, IGN.

One code for the PS5 is stated to have sold for $ 399.99 on November 10th, but most other sold lists range from a maximum of $ 200 to a minimum of $ 33.

The Elden Ring Closed Network test drops players into The Lands Between and gives them free control to explore the closed parts of the map. In IGN’s hands-on Elden Ring preview for the same closed network test, we said we have quite a lot to see and experience.

It’s not easy to imagine that some may want to taste one of the most anticipated games of 2022 early on. This is the same RPG that started creating original stories and folklore while its own subreddit was waiting. Official update.

Elden Ring-Screenshot of Gameplay Demo

If you haven’t participated in a closed network test and aren’t willing to pay more than $ 300 on that occasion, read the full preview of IGN for more details on dungeons, weapons and more. Or check out the full boss battle with Margit the Fell Omen.

Matt TM Kim is a news editor at IGN.You can reach him @lawoftd..