Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Save your love with a cozy queer platformer: gardeners and wild vines


  • Cut flowers, grow magical vines and climb dangerous towers with this healthy story-based platformer.
  • The story highlights gay romance and quirky yet friendly side characters.
  • Get the game now and enjoy the smooth and smooth platform mechanics!

Grab the scissors and get ready to prun some flowers in the name of love. Gardener and wild vines Xbox One is out today! Grow your platform yourself with this unique twist of the platform as you betray the evil wizard and try to rescue the kidnapped prince. The game also features an easy-going story with witty dialogue that lowers your guard before offering its greatest twist.

The story at the heart of this game is about self-love and identity, which is very personal to me. As an American immigrant and working on my identity in multiple ways, I’ve always wanted to explore these themes in games. The main character of this game is gay and dark skin. He’s the kind of character I wanted to see in the games I grew up playing. In the gardener, I wanted to tell the story in the form of expressions that try to give the player joy.

Castle turret

The story is not the only part of the game that brings you joy. The gameplay was designed to keep you in a calm flow. On the surface, this is a simple game of jumping from leaf to leaf and attacking the flowers with a magical dash, producing more leaves and propelling you upwards. If you dig a little deeper into the game, there’s an incredible variety of game mechanics with new obstacles at each level. Unlike many platformers released recently, we want to reward those who can get and complete this game relatively easily and still achieve higher skill gameplay. I did. If you’re a completionist, find your hidden lover in every tower or get 3 stars in every challenge level! If you’re here just for the story, you can enable assist mode whenever you’re stuck at a level.


Gardener and wild vines Is a loving job. I hope that playing this game will bring you as much comfort and happiness as I have developed. Gardener and wild vines Pre-orders are now available on Xbox!

Xbox Live

Gardener and wild vines

Limited reflection studio


$ 9.99

Climbing attacks Leap, cut down the flowers on the vines and push yourself upwards. Connect them together and go fast, but be careful of your feet! All levels are handmade towers and new mechanics are regularly introduced. Attacking the flowers will grow new procedural vines with jumping leaves. Carefully balance the upward jumps and plan your climb as you watch how the vines grow. To reach the top, you need quick reflexes and even faster wisdom! Find the prince’s journey from tower to tower in search of the missing prince, who confronts unique environmental dangers through stunning and diverse locations. Follow them as gardeners and knights seek to save the prince in a fairy tale of exploring love and all the pain and risks that accompany it. Need to prove your skills to challenge yourself? Completing the story doesn’t end the game … Try to earn 3 stars in all levels by earning levels with stricter victory conditions in Challenge Mode!