Friday, September 17th, 2021

Samurai Warrior 5 Comments (Switch)

Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors finally returned after a seven-year hiatus, and brought the long-running legend back to its roots through a soft restart, focusing on the young Oda Nobunaga’s unwavering determination to unify Japan, as well as his relationship with Mitsuhide Akechi . Samurai Warrior 5 It is a sleek and stylish addition to the long-running Musou series. It tells its story well, introduces a beautiful Art Nouveau style, and adds a series of ingenious additions to the standard hacking and slash action of the franchise, Perhaps the most important thing for Switch fans is to manage all of this while providing impressive stability on Nintendo’s consoles.

Starting with this new artistic style; the rather plain, expressionless visual direction of the old works in the Samurai Warriors series has now been replaced by a fresh and colorful appearance, which is deeply inspired by traditional Japanese ink painting. From the moment you launch it, it is a real eyeball feast, even on the Switch, the graphics have been completely reduced compared to other versions of the game, and things still look very smooth. In battle, when you cut through thousands of enemies in your way, an amazing number of vibrant and gorgeous particle effects will appear on the screen; the narrative cutscenes of the end of the book mission now look great. Yes, the pull distance is still a bit smelly-this problem is not unique to this Switch port-but in general, this is a nice addition to the franchise.

The redesigned presentation really reflects the fun of the narrative. These fashionable cutscenes present various characters, plot points, viewpoints and events in a more fascinating way than in the past. Yes, as long-term fans, we are more fascinated than usual, just check out all the new character designs, but even for newcomers, this is a story, it comes to life in a pretty gorgeous way, and perhaps most importantly, easy to understand and follow Way.

Some die-hard fans may feel that the storyline does not seem to be as extensive in terms of the historical timeline as the previous products in the series-because they may also have moved the roster of characters from their predecessor’s age of fifty-five to thirty-seven because of this new game. However, for us, it all aligns with the restart. It hopes to make things fresh and eliminate a lot of bloat-in terms of lengthy narratives and various cumbersome combat mechanics-in favor of games that usually feel more relaxed. The feet are easy to grasp, and will not prevent you from directly entering its hack and slash battle. In fact, if you have ever fantasized about trying a Musou game but haven’t risked it yet, then this really feels like a place for newbies to dive into the game.

With this in mind, from here on, there is even a surprisingly restrained tutorial period that allows you to gently introduce the mechanics of the game while restricting the character you choose to only Oda Nobunaga himself. This is a well-paced opening and gives an informative introduction to how the series’ trademark battles work. It will take time to slowly divide new elements, ideas, and mechanics before opening the roster and allowing you to start the right moves. Floor.

Of course, this action is at the core of the entire effort, and in terms of the changes and additions Koei Tecmo made to the standard Musou template, Samurai Warriors 5 feels like a real winner.This is still a very traditional Musou game, and you will still spend most of your time cracking a large number of incredible-let’s face it-brain-dead enemies, but what have In this samurai derivative series, the added content enhances the entire experience.

In addition to the usual combination of light and heavy, super attacks and powerful Wushuang attacks, you can issue these attacks when you open up a path of destruction on various battlefields in the game. Samurai Warriors 5 adds an excellent cooldown-based “Ultimate” Skills can be deployed when you see fit. These new skills make the overall battle flow here a real improvement, adding more choices and wonders in how you slaughter the enemy.

Ultimate skills include useful temporary gains that can increase your attack or defense, instantly replenish your Wushuang meter, etc., to powerful special moves that allow your chosen fighter to be supplemented with a series of sexy new abilities and screen vibrations. Their usual attack options can be canceled at any time, so your combination will look new.

When combined with your anger scale, it will temporarily boost your speed and attack power-and see that you can unleash the super-charged Ultimate Wushuang-and each character’s own unique weapon skills, there are plenty of real-time battles here Choose one of the most frequently mentioned types because of its fairly simple and highly repetitive actions.

In fact, old entries in this franchise sometimes see you repeat hacking with your swamp standard combo while waiting for the super attack to refill or recharge, there are almost always some meters or powers flashing here to make you Knowing that it is ready to be released. When you level up by simply playing games and crushing enemies, you will also continue to unlock new and more powerful combinations of ultimate skills and specific weapons, allowing you to work hard to achieve other goals while completing the campaign.

Combine all these new offensive options with ever-changing goals. As you pass each level, you will see various small tasks. Your game always feels as if it keeps you happy and busy, and pushes you on it. Around the map and forcing you to enter a light strategy game to praise your full action in blitzkrieg in its story mode.

As far as the story mode itself is concerned, we spent about 20 hours to complete it, including two main narrative arcs, you can switch between Nobunaga and the other main narrative arc that tells the game story from Mitsuhide’s perspective in your free time Akechi-Although you won’t be able to access Mitsuhide’s missions until about 5 hours after the game starts. Then, these main missions will be supplemented by unique character-specific attacks, which enrich the various elements of the story and provide more background for some of the friends and enemies you will make in the process.

In addition to the main story, there is another game option that allows you to learn more about Samurai Warriors 5, which is the castle mode. Here, you will fight, the purpose of which is to protect your base from upcoming attacks, while completing various instant goals to obtain the resources needed to upgrade buildings in the main battle.It is in this slightly more complicated upgrade system that we find that the game begins to stumble for the first time, because it forces you to fall into absolute need Hone it in this (recognized fun) sub-mode to fully unlock the abilities and utilities of all major games.

You see, when you pass the story mode here, you will return to an upgradeable “My Castle” menu area, where you can adjust your equipment, train your fighters and buy buffs, skill gems and Item shop. However, all these services, dojos, smithy, and shops require multiple upgrades to make them fully operational-for example, you cannot make new weapons in the smithy until you upgrade it to the required level. You have no choice but to hone the castle mode to unlock everything here. This realization led us to decide to complete the campaign on the first run without having to use all the utilities that the game must provide.

This is a shame, because it feels like you are forced to fill up your game time by jumping into this sub-mode to collect boring materials. One aspect of this process can certainly be implemented into the main activity, but the ordeal is at least some This is mitigated by the fact that you want to enter Citadel mode as much as possible to upgrade your character roster anyway.

In another slight mistake, the battle here often inexplicably limits the roles you can choose to play, often allowing you to switch between two roles on the battlefield at the same time, but restricting your choices to a few currently unlocked fighters. Of course, this means that you will find that you have a group of fighters with no level at all. You need to enhance them through the Citadel mode until they are suitable for the challenge of the main battle. Let you choose them whenever the game thinks it is appropriate.

you were able You can also upgrade fighters specifically in the main campaign mode by using the XP stocks you get at the end of each mission, but you will find that you never have enough XP to fully adapt to the underutilized characters. This is a strangely restrictive system, especially considering that the game provides you with the option of swapping character weapons and actions as you see fit. This can lead to such a situation, especially when you run a campaign for the first time, you may find yourself just sticking to the few fighters available in most missions, so you can fully upgrade-as we told the game’s Nobunaga and his help A new ninja character who does that very fast.

If you plan to enjoy the game on various levels of difficulty or really take time, then this is not a problem that will particularly affect you-you may have your roster fully activated on the second go-around. However, for casual players, you may find yourself in the unlocked content and which fighters are strong enough to fight against a brick wall without causing difficulties to yourself.

However, far from this slightly more complicated upgrade method, Samurai Warriors 5 rarely goes wrong. This is a highly polished, fast, and gorgeous addition to the franchise that landed on Switch in a beautiful form. After seeing trivial performance issues in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, we must have some concerns about the performance of this issue-especially considering how good it looks on Nintendo’s consoles-but we are very happy Reportedly, we did not encounter any errors or significant frame rate drops when we played the game. Even during the short period of time we tried to split the screen between the two players, things were always surprisingly stable.

Whether you swept the enemy with Nobunaga, kicked with ninjas, rolled on the battlefield with Mizuki, made a devastating long-range attack with Nobun’s bow, or bombarded all the enemies with the cannon of Song Yongxiu, the action here is always fascinating. Fascinated, always crazy and always addictive. The levels are highly replayable, and there are many hidden goals that need to be completed and perfect S-levels to achieve. Switching between characters instantly gives you many options to maintain those impossible long combos, and even Citadel mode-in addition to material grinding-provides a lot of fierce battles to keep you and your 37 fighter roster true Is very busy.

With ten new characters, powerful story mode, excellent new ultimate skills and gorgeous Art Nouveau style, from all aspects, Samurai Warriors 5 is a new outlet for the series and another important addition to the series. Switch is amazing Impressive Musou game lineup.