Monday, September 20th, 2021

“Sams’s Adventure Will Continue”-Metroid Fear Producer Regarding the 2D Revival and Future of the Series-Feature

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“Sams Alan and her cool warrior image, exploration elements, and various surprise elements.”

According to series supervisor Yoshio Sakamoto, these principles are a consistent part of any game named after “Metroid.” As the producer of the newly released Metroid Fear, this experienced Nintendo developer has guided the process of this action exploration series for three and a half years. Yes, unbelievably, 2021 is the 35th anniversary of Samus’s debut in the original Metroid of the Famicom Disk System (and later NES).

“Her calm personality and integrity as a fighter is a very important point for us to maintain and treat fairly,” Sakamoto continued through an interpreter during the Zoom Q&A session we participated in the morning after the E3 unveiled. Metroid fusion has been on GBA for 19 years, and the upcoming part of the 2D adventure of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter has been advertised as including the 8-bit original and Metroid II: The return of the five game series finale on Game Boy ( Remastered for 3DS by Spanish studio MercurySteam-will be described in detail later), Super Metroid on SNES, Fusion mentioned earlier, and now Dread.


The previous entry on GBA sacrificed the scale and grandeur of its home console predecessor to obtain a linear experience that is more suitable for shorter gaming times on this portable platform.According to Sakamoto, Metroid Dread will return to a more open way of Super Metroid, although the game demos we watched are mainly limited to the parts that have already been shown. Nintendo Tree House Stream, It’s easy to see the greater environmental impact of Super Metroid here.

Starting from Artaria, the area we see on the ZDR planet looks rich, vibrant, and changeable. For example, the condensed mist on the platform of the open area adds a real texture to the cold metal environment. The clean, hard edges of the platform visible when destroying specific explosive blocks-the main content of the franchise-stand out more than ever, compared with the texture of the moody surrounding area, but overall, this Switch The starter set increases the visual fidelity tones very effectively.

Although Sakamoto cited a return to the “more open” Super Metroid style (Yay!), MercurySteam’s first entry into the series-the 3DS remake of Metroid II in 2017-is another major influence on Metroid phobia. The game’s defensive melee attack is back, but sliding and sprinting melee are added here, which immediately opens up opportunities for a more aggressive game style, which is faster and faster than any previous 2D Metroid.

After the success of Samus Returns, Sakamoto told us that it was Nintendo who proposed MercurySteam to collaborate and revitalize this long-standing project. Despite the distance between the Japanese and Spanish studios, not to mention the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Sakamoto said that he is very confident in finding a suitable collaborator on MercurySteam and said “We are very cooperative.”

Dread’s chronology and story elements were completed relatively recently after the start of this partnership, so far the retelling of the story “prologue” (similar to the equivalent in Super Metroid) will bring newcomers-or 2D Metroid legend possible Players will be a little rusty in 20 years-keep up with the speed.


Dread’s narrative may only become the focus of this latest development stage, but the core concept of Samus’s encounter with a “terrible” opponent is still at the beginning of the project a few years ago. Sakamoto told the team that the “evolution of graphics” and improvements in the performance of modern consoles allowed the team to execute his original vision for the game.This is a title of “Inheritance Core” [concepts of the series]…But used all our past experience and learning so far”.

The game is a 60FPS experience, so if you only watched 30FPS footage online, any frame counter can be easily solved. When we watched the pre-question-and-answer demo, we were surprised to think that this was the first high-definition game in the series, and the smoothness of the experience was impressive even at 30 FPS. This fluidity also extends to motion and animation. We have a feeling that it still has the core of Metroid, but-in terms of flow and movement-it now has some dead cells, which will make walking through these environments more interesting than before.

A slower and more organized style of play is certainly possible. Sakamoto would like to emphasize that in order to make Dread achieve a good balance between the accessibility of newcomers and the challenges expected by series veterans, great efforts have been made, and “The core of the game is still the same no matter which Metroid game you play.” The good news for fans is that they worry that this item may deviate from the game style they have gradually liked in three and a half years. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Sams has never moved so cleverly before, and the ability to fight enemies truly “instantly” looks like a major update to the more contemplative battles in previous games.

MD EMMI 006© Nintendo

It’s not that your melee skills are very helpful against EMMI. EMMI is white-paneled robot enemies. They will patrol in certain areas and hunt Sams when they are near Sams.These machines may evoke the trend of Mr. X/Mrs. Dimitrescu-style “Terminators” that cannot be dispatched by conventional means recently, but in fact EMMI (or those we currently see) are more like watchdogs— -A mashup of the guardian possessed by Breath of the Wild and General Grieves who climbed the mountain Star wars.

When they are following you, the red ring around Samus’s waist indicates that the danger is imminent unless you throw it away, and the yellow indicates that they have heard your voice and are searching nearby. Of course, this visual feedback is the basic design, but it shows the thought and care that makes this game approachable while keeping you “on the edge”. Once activated, background elements such as orange hot fuel pipes will light up and guide you through the level to your next destination. You can fill in the map like the previous game. Similarly, following the color pipeline on the stage is a basic game design, but it is invaluable for players with poor memory, otherwise they may be overwhelmed by huge levels and tensions. Being hunted by General Grievous’s beloved son and the portal turret will surely make you lose your way.

Although EMMI is positioned as a ruthless “big villain,” they Yes Vulnerable to weapon attacks, but not a regular addition to Sams. Temporarily charge your arm cannon at a special site (obviously few and far away), and you will temporarily be able to shoot it down with a stable target. When they are locked, they can also counter their (unexpectedly shocking) one-hit kill attack, although we were told that the counter-attack time varies with each animation, so pulling it down and scrambling to be safe will take some Time serious skills.

The audio adds another level of integrity. EMMI’s threatening “chirp” effectively instills the fear of the same name. The combination of environmental soundtrack and new visual effects creates the iconic tension of the series. Despite the relentless threat of EMMI, Sakamoto emphasized that in his opinion, this is not a “horror” game. The EMMI on patrol is just one element, and the series of exploration and boss battles also exist and are correct.

Metroid Fear seems to be the “real deal”; a game of a team that knows the series well, a team get Despite the proliferation of “Metroidvanias”, there is still nothing quite Like metroid

It is the same core, but the “essence” is slightly different. “I think you need to change a little bit […] Provide something new,” Sakamoto said. From our brief introduction to the game-to be honest, a little more than what you see in the Treehouse video-the impression we got is Metroid Dread so to speak , “The real deal”; a game from a team that knows the series well, a team get Although a large number of high-quality “Metroidvania”-style games were released during this period, nothing was achieved. quite Like Metroid.

At least from what we have seen so far, “Metro Fear” scored a “5” in its prequel sequence.


It is said that this new game is the “conclusion” of a 35-year-old story (according to Sakamoto’s “appropriate ending”), which puts a question mark on the development direction of the series, especially the 2D branch.

In the group Q&A, many of the questions raised by the reporters (then selected by European Nintendo and relayed to Mr. Sakamoto) were very similar, as you might expect. Although it is difficult to know whether our question is merged with others, the wording of the last question raised by Mr. Sakamoto is definitely ours: The game is positioned as the “conclusion” of the five-game storyline. What does this mean for future 2D Metroid games that may feature Samus Aran?

“Sams’ adventure will continue,” Sakamoto replied. “How will it continue? Well, first of all, I believe that when you clear your fear, you will have a clearer idea.”

Well, there is no doubt that the franchise will continue, but it’s nice to hear that this particular branch of the series has a future and Sams will continue to be a part of it. As Sakamoto said at the top, the iconic bounty hunter and the sense of exploration and discovery are at the core of the series.We look forward to Samus returning with a new 2D adventure; let’s cross our fingers, we don’t have to wait quite Looking forward to the next one.

As for Metroid Fear? It looks like it may actually be worth the wait for two years. You can’t ask for more.