Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Sakurai reveals how a chance encounter led to Sora at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

image: @Sora_Sakurai

After ongoing requests, Kingdom Hearts Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Earlier this week Last DLC fighter.

For many fans, it still seems too good to be true, so how exactly did it happen?Sakurai’s latest column (translation) @PushDustIn When @KodyNOKOLO), The smash director details how it was done. It was clear from the results of Fighter Ballot that Sora was a fan favorite, but Sakurai himself thought it was very unlikely.

It was until one day I happened to meet a Disney representative at an award venue. They all said it was because Sora was on the All-Star roster. This seems to have led to a lot of “long and cautious discussions” between Square Enix, Nintendo and Disney.

From there, it seems that Sakurai had to follow many guidelines and overcome many hurdles when developing the character. His team also had some problems creating the model.

“The first Sora model the Smash team sent to Disney / SE was of very high quality and didn’t have many problems … it’s a joke. It was very hard.”

In the same column, Sakurai also mentioned how Fighters Pass 2 was originally planned to have only five characters-like the original Fighters Pass until Sora’s addition was approved by senior officials. NS.

Are you happy that Sora eventually became Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? What do you think of this latest DLC fighter in battle? Please leave a comment below.