Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Sakurai celebrates the complete roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with DLC screenshots

Image: Nintendo

Well, that’s it. The huge roster of Super Smash Bros. UItimate has finally been completed, and Kingdom Hearts Sora has officially joined the ranks.

Since its launch in 2018, regular character additions, direct appearances, and exaggerated speculation have been one of the vehicles that fueled the game’s hype. But all the good things have to be done.

To commemorate that opportunity, series director Masahiro Sakurai shared a special screenshot that reminds us of all the characters we’ve enjoyed over the last few years. The roster was already good enough before, but we were treated by some cracking DLC ​​fighters.

As you can imagine, Sakurai has been building with some great screens for the last few days until Sora arrived.

Remember that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 13.0.0 update has been released (the full patch notes are here). Be sure to vote for the amount of DLC for the smash you decide to pick up along the way.