Monday, September 20th, 2021

Rush Rally Origins Review (Switch eShop)

With each iteration of Rush Rally, the series has indeed been improved, providing more detailed cars and environments, clearer controls, and a cleaner overall experience.In hindsight, the original Rally Compared to later entries, it seems a bit dated, so the developer Brownmaster has gone back and used Rush Rally Origins to effectively remake the original game. Rush Rally Origins provides the improved graphics and audio seen in Rush Rally 3, while retaining the original arcade-style gameplay. Rush Rally Origins combines the advantages of the two worlds, making it a valuable feature of Rush Rally 3. Partner.

Rush Rally Origins includes three core modes: time trial, championship and competition. The time trial is your standard rally, allowing you to race alone on each track. Tournaments link time trial courses together to form a larger tournament, while Race allows you to directly compete with several AI-controlled racers. The various tracks offered are impressive, with competitions being held in Finland, Greece, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Kenya and New Zealand. The frustrating thing is that there doesn’t seem to be an option to choose the course you like at first, so you need to take each course in the correct order and unlock new courses as you progress.

The gameplay in Rush Rally Origins is fast and sharp. Depending on the model you choose, the handling of the car is slightly different, but it is relatively easy to master. In just a few minutes, you will slip through corners with ease, a feat that may take longer in other rally races (look at you, the art of rallying). Therefore, compared to the more realistic examples in the genre, the game provides more immediate satisfaction and accessibility, but may feel a bit limited because of it; once you master the controls, you will then feel like you are just walking around .

Compared with the original Rush Rally, the graphics have been greatly improved. According to modern standards, the appearance and sound of this remake are better. Nevertheless, the visual effect is still slightly below the standard. There are many customizable options available, so you can set the graphics fidelity anywhere from low to super. Or, you can use specific options in more depth, such as anti-aliasing, shadows, weather effects, and even the number of trees visible around the track. We found that the default option is the best, with a high level of detail under the target of 60FPS, but you can adjust it according to your needs.

However, even at the highest graphics settings, Rush Rally Origins still made some very serious compromises. When competing with AI opponents, the game strangely shows the dirt effect of your own vehicle, but it has absolutely no effect on your opponent; therefore, sliding around the corner and raising a pile of dirt and dust looks spectacular, but when everyone else can When running on the track without seeing a particle of dust, the effect is a bit silly.

As a remake of the original version, the dashboard camera settings are also not available here, so you can only use the standard isometric viewpoint or the “helicopter” alternative, and the camera will pan around as you navigate the track.

All in all, if you keep your expectations of graphics, Rush Rally Origins is a great little rally game. From the perspective of gameplay, more Stronger than the ability, and improved on the basis of the original game of spades.Despite the simplicity of the vehicle operation, the game is still challenging, with intelligent AI and strict timing goals (we were told it will be Slightly Changes in the patch, as well as various other adjustments to visual effects and performance), this is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fun and easy-going arcade driving experience.