Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Rumor: Valve is working on a “switch-like” portable gaming PC

Nintendo Life

A few weeks ago, Valve boss Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) said that the steam giant something Planned to be used in console games Fans will learn more later this year.

At the time, an obvious guess was more games, but it didn’t seem to be the case.According to an “exclusive report” by Sam Machkovech, editor of Ars Technica’s technical culture, the PC video game company is responsible for Counter-strike, Web portals with Dota 2 According to reports, the company is preparing to launch a “switch-like” device.

Steam’s code has recently been changed, and it is called “SteamPal”. This is from the discovery of the “Neptune Optimized Games” string, which began to appear in Steam’s code in September last year and is believed to be a Types of controllers. The exclusive product of Ars Technica confirms that SteamPal is indeed “true” and will become an “all-in-one” portable PC with a gamepad and touch screen.

“In other words, it looks and functions similar to the Nintendo Switch (although there is no removable “Joy-Con” controller function).”

The “switch-like” attribute is extended to an option, which obviously can “dock” the system to a larger screen via the USB Type-C port.

“SteamPal’s Switch-like properties will include the option of “docking”…I’m not sure how the connection will work, or if Valve has any plans for final SteamPal docking.

As for the specifications, “SteamPal” should be a system-on-chip from Intel or AMD, not Nvidia. It has been “built with Linux as a possible target”-continuing Valve’s efforts to make its library fully compatible with the open source OS. The source also said that it is possible to reach a deal with Microsoft Windows.

As far as the design of the rumor system is concerned, the prototype is “much wider than the Nintendo Switch” and has extra space to accommodate multiple control options.

“No, Valve may not tap the entire QWERTY keyboard onto the system, but the company packs a standard gamepad button and trigger array, as well as a pair of joysticks and at least one thumb-sized touchpad (except for the device’s touch screen) The SteamPal touchpad may be smaller than the standard pair of touchpads on each Steam Controller.”

It is expected that the device will also be equipped with a d-pad, but since it is still in the prototype stage, the entire kit may change. The battery size, storage capacity, cost or other details of whether Valve will release multiple SKUs are still unknown.

The author reaffirms the existence of the device through the following lines of signature, and suggests that Valve can change its mind at any time considering its past history.

“I can confirm the existence and development of the device, and I can point out Newell’s very loud hint that some things related to the console will be announced later this year, but Valve can still proceed with immediate notification. Gear shift (pun intended). The company may postpone or completely cancel this portable gaming PC project for a variety of reasons, as we learned from a large-scale report on the development of subsea gaming consoles in 2020. Half-Life: Alyx, Valve likes to create, incubate and cancel things. “

Do you think such a device may affect the Switch market, and may even affect Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud service for mobile platforms? Leave your thoughts below.