Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Rumor: Sounds like a new Tony Hawk game may be happening

Announced in Activision Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2, Many musicians spilled the beans in advance.

It now appears that history may be repeating itself.In a plot Podcast behind closed doors Last month, CKY drummer Jess Magera mentioned how they will appear in new Tony Hawk game.

“Yes, I believe we are also launching new products”

The drummer followed up the conversation and noticed the way his “son just got the PS5 and got a remake of 1 and 2”-this further clarified his previous comments.

So, what could the new game be?As our friends are emphasizing Push side, CKY’s song “96 Quite Bitter People” was previously on TPro Skater 3 by O’Neill Hawke Soundtrack…

An urgent question is who will develop this game, because “Vicarious Visions” merged with Blizzard earlier this year and is now assigned to Diablo II: Resurrection.

Can you see Activision doing another Tony Hawk game? Are you willing to prepare for the comeback in the third game or even the fourth game? Leave a comment below.