Saturday, July 31st, 2021

RTS Mech-Battler Volta-X gets new modes, weapons, etc. in the “Metaverse” update

Volta-X has released a new update, real-time strategic mechanical fighters from veterans Metal Gear Solid with Final fantasy Developer Baishi Civilization.

This new content called “Metaworld Update” adds a new roguelite-style Metaverse mode, new Volta, new weapons, etc. It is scheduled to go live on June 15th, and we provide you with all the details below:

Metaverse Model

  • Offline mode
  • Choose between a set of random loads
  • Compete in challenges to survive in multiple battles
  • Failure means resetting the progress of the current run
  • Upgrade parts and repair Volta between battles
  • Metaverse explained: This new mode takes place in a different universe from the online game mode. The same character and overall story, but the future is slightly different. Players will discover this fact by playing the Metaverse mode and how these Metaverses are combined in the Volta-X world.

New volt

    • transformer
    • Switch between tanks and humanoids at will
    • It has a tail and can be equipped with a third weapon
    • Especially for the next nine attacks to increase firepower

New weapon

    • Shoulder and arm part
    • Cause damage based on current charge
    • Shoulder and arm part
    • Create a black hole in the target room and suck in the crew in the adjacent room
    • Produce a healing halo effect, heal all rooms over time
    • Increase crew damage to all components
    • Add freezing effect to the target room
      • Slow down the repair speed
      • Extinguishing
      • Slow down crew movement
    • If there is a crew member in the room, fire regularly

Other updates:

    • Change the special to provide armor to all rooms
    • Updated Light Fist to Dagger
    • Boss Volta for Metaverse mode and post-game missions
    • Fire beams of ice specifically to the three target rooms
    • More ways to celebrate and taunt against Voltas for your crew
    • Wear the latest World Volta Association styles for your pilots in all game modes
    • Volta training room and crew training room allow you to gain experience outside of combat for pilots and Volta, now you can unlock new Volta and crew through these rooms
Take a quick look at the challenge path of the New Metaverse Model
Take a quick look at the challenge path of the New Metaverse Model

If you are not familiar with Volta-X, please be sure to check our previous report, we have introduced the game’s character lineup in detail. We will also provide you with official instructions for the game directly from the Switch eShop:

Many years ago, the earth was threatened by the invasion of monsters. The sole goal of these powerful alien monsters is to carry out large-scale destruction on a global scale. Faced with insurmountable difficulties, our most famous scientists and world leaders are in trouble, and everything seems to be lost. In other words, until the mysterious Dr. V revealed his new technology-Voltas. Thanks to Voltas and their pilots, we quickly and decisively defeated the alien threat. After defeating the monsters, these powerful robots laid the foundation for the world’s most popular sport-Volta Fighting!

Now we send you an invitation to join the World Volta Association, which is the preferred destination for high-risk Volta battles. To gain prestige and fame requires teamwork and a lot of strategy. Prove your championship motivation by ordering your crew to power up weapons, dodge attacks, or repair your Volta, while attacking your opponent’s Volta to weaken them and win! As you advance in our team, you will get more Voltas, get incredible weapons, and face more daunting challenges.