Monday, September 20th, 2021

Rom-Com Dating Sim’Love Esquire’ invites players to “Git Gud, Get Laid” on Switch

You will rarely find a Switch eShop list in Mario and Pokémon games suitable for children, telling you “git gud, go to bed”, but here we are. Introduce Mr. Love Fashion.

Love Esquire is a romantic comedy visual novel with some old-school RPG elements, all included in the dating simulation package, allowing you to start “seeking the greatest pleasure for men”. Oh darling.

To achieve this, you need to level up by improving your statistics and fighting monsters-it seems that the protagonist of the story only likes romantic partners, they value his strength and fighting ability instead of his personality, which sounds really good healthy.

This is a list of features and a series of screenshots-we had to leave some screens, because some of the language used in it, especially when it comes to the “unconventional technology” used in combat, must not be seen by innocent eyes.

-5 dateable outsiders – the heroine of Love Esquire is not just a pretty face! Everyone has their own unique ambitions, background stories, plots and dirty little secrets waiting for you to uncover.

-Turn-based combat-you may not be a decent attendant, but you have many unconventional skills to keep the knights you need alive. Taunt, cheer, heal and plunder your way to victory!

-Improve statistics-by increasing your strength, charm and wisdom, Git gud and become the ideal man. These traits will not only affect your fighting ability, but also affect your interpersonal relationships.

-Fully dubbed-listen to your vagrants to fully express their eternal love for you!

-Build relationships-Enhance your attendant charm by giving gifts and whispering to your grandma. Get high enough romantic points and they will open up in more than one way.

-Multiple endings-What is the attendant waiting for you at the end of the journey? Be careful with these choices!

The game will be launched on the Switch later this week on August 12, priced at $24.99.

Will you find true love on Switch?