Friday, September 17th, 2021

Rogue Company heads to Japan in the latest update

Welcome to the third season, thieves!Start your trip to Kyoto at the latest Rogue company Update now! Season 3 kicks off with a brand-new Japan-themed battle pass, new maps, and tons of new appearance content for your favorite thieves!

The third season battle pass contains a lot of new rewards, you just need to play the game to get. Looking for new outfits for Saint, Dima, Talon or Vy? We have provided you with protection! Put on Saint’s Kikuma costume to make a Japanese vacation fashionable, use his Sakura costume to show off Dima’s explosive personality, or use Talon’s Lone Wolf costume to embrace your inner ninja. Immediately unlock Vy’s Mastermind gear and Kawaii hoverboard and one-hour acceleration by purchasing a battle pass.You read that right-hoverboard is now Rogue company! The hoverboard allows you to slide into the action flexibly, and can replace the Wingsuit for equipment.The third season battle pass also introduced Rogue companyThe first “mythical” weapon package in history-Dragon Soul KA30!

Save the world in a stylish way with exclusive weapon packages, emojis, avatars, banners and titles-only available in the third season of the Battle Pass. Most importantly, 5% of the proceeds from the battle pass will be used for the historical preservation of Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan!

The thieves go to Japan to perform secret missions! An experimental weapon was stolen from a US naval base in Japan, and the Rogue Company has contracted to find it. The director used the ancient connection to get help from the legendary arms dealer Runway. He quickly tracked down the Palace in Kyoto, Japan. The director advised the thieves to use the roof and pay attention to long-distance sight when infiltrating the palace. Thieves, good luck in Kyoto!

Enter the palace with other thieves to save Kyoto! Inspired by the famous Nijo Castle, Palace is a vibrant new map with traditional Japanese architecture, historic venues and gorgeous gardens. Play games like King of the Hill, Blasting, Strikeout and more on Palace now!

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There is more to look forward to in the third season! New thieves will be introduced, and the long-awaited weapon mastery will appear in the mid-season update! The new start of the competitive season is also in full swing, so jump into the ranked game and see how you can compete with other players!

Season 3: The Kyoto Work Update is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

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