Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Rocket League Season 5 landed this week with space-themed Grimes music

Image: Psyonix / Epic Games

We are honestly sometimes as good players Rocket league I’m a little unaware of many seasonal and thematic events, but since Epic bought the IP, its structure has made it free to play, anyone with a switch, or almost any gaming device. You can enjoy it at. Chaotic multiplayer in the game.

That’s a good thing, and you that is Entering Rocket Pass and its season, it’s a big week, the game will be updated on November 16th, and the fifth season will start on November 17th. The theme revolves around space (and there seems to be some folklore), with Grimes on the main song of the season. You can see what the developers were aiming for with the Space Theme and Grimes Track … Do not worry..

Most gratifyingly, our favorite mode returned on November 18th at an undecided time (estimated to be about a week).This time Heat Seeker Ricoche We use Labs Arenas Barricade, Colossus and Hourglass. This is a great mode in which the ball speeds up and pulls faster towards the opponent’s goal with each deflection. Even if you’re not a big fan of traditional Rocket League mode, it’s annoying.

For the actual Season 5 and Rocket Pass stuff, the latter will be explained in detail on November 16th, but the Starbase Ark Arena reason.. After all, we like playing soccer by car.

Are you planning to check out Rocket League updates and new seasons?