Friday, September 17th, 2021

Rock with Bebe Rexha, Joy Oladokun and Glass Animals in The Sims 4


  • A new in-game music festival composed of Bebe Rexha, Joy Oladokun and Glass Animals lead singer Dave Bayley is being staged The Sims 4.
  • Sims Sessions is the first event of its kind, from now on until July 7th, and provides a complete holiday player experience, including camping, shopping holiday merchandise, etc.
  • The artists will sing their summer hits in Simlish (the legendary language of The Sims), all you need is The Sims 4, Priced at US$6 in the United States and 85% discount elsewhere, now available for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play.

Nothing tells summer better than a music festival, we are very excited to start our own music festival The Sims 4 For the first time ever.Music has always been an important part of music The Sims experience.From the iconic soft jazz you hear when building your dream home, to Katy Perry’s The Sims 3 “Sweet Treats” cooperation, even if you have never played a game, you may have heard of (at least!) one of nearly 500 artists The Sims Worked with them to record their hit songs in Simlish, the legendary language of the game.

Simlish is an expression of emotions rather than thoughts, so translating Simlish to Simlish is fun and is usually very easy to recognize because artists can focus on the emotions and stories of their songs instead of the lyrics. Therefore, in order to take our love for Simlish music to cover our favorite songs one step further, and for our players to gather together for a grand event, today we will launch Sims Sessions, which is a work by some of our favorite artists Currently hosting in-game music festivals: Bebe Rexha (listening to “Sabotage!”), Joy Oladokun (did you see her performance on Colbert last week?!), and Dave Bayley, lead singer of Glass Animals ( Peanut Butter Resonates for Life)

Starting today and continuing until July 7th, join our limited-time event to get a complete holiday experience-camping, gather your favorite fashion circles, and buy exclusive merchandise for the event. Then, of course, continue to rock Glass Animals’ Billboard chart single “Heat Waves”, Joy’s powerful ballad “Breathe Again” and Bebe Rexha’s “Sabotage”.

After the performance, you can board the festival stage and perform your own performance! I don’t want to disclose too much, because we want this to be full of surprises, but the best part about all of this is that all you need is to participate in the game-no expansion pack is needed-and it is completely free if you already have the game .If you don’t, it’s only $6 now, 85% discounts elsewhere, and EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play The Sims 4 Now they have their membership.

The Sims 4

Finally, make sure to jump on TikTok and follow @SIM Life with @BebeRexha. There is an incredible #SimsSessions challenge underway where you can try your own hands and the side-by-side Simlish karaoke duet Sabotage. Bebe will pick and repost her favorite (though unfortunately I don’t think I will be one of them).

Sul Sul, Simos!