Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Roblox rolls out ID-based age verification service

As the Roblox community continues to grow, Roblox Corporation has decided to deploy an identity verification service to verify the age of its users. For developers currently operating on an opt-in basis, the new service will not only show the level of trust between users, but will also enable the platform to provide a better way for age-appropriate communication between creators. It states that it will be.

As announced in the article Roblox blog, Developers say that age verification on the platform is important when deploying a new communication tool, spatial voice. Currently tested in a limited developer beta, this feature, which will soon move to Early Access, allows users to voice chat within Roblox’s spatial voice experience, taking into account real-life conversations. The purpose is to put it in and mirror it. Proximity, voice tone, etc.

The company offers an opt-in-based age verification service, but when it becomes available in public beta, only those who successfully complete the process will be eligible for spatial voice chat. Given that more than 50% of Roblox users are under the age of 13, it’s not clear if age verification services will be mandatory in the future.

For Roblox, this primarily comes down to safety. “Our community continues to grow globally and by age (about 50% of platform users are 13 or older as of the second quarter of 2021), so everyone is safe and respectful. I want to be able to express myself. How to do it, ”explains Senior Product Manager Chris Ashtonchen. “Confidence in the age and identity of our users is an important foundation of Metaverse’s safety and politeness. We always respect the privacy of our users and create new and innovative ways to do so. I’m developing. “

So how does it work? Roblox’s identity verification process has two stages. Roblox uses image processing technology to first ask the user to send an identity document check through the app. The document itself can take various forms on a platform that accepts a user’s passport, driver’s license, or ID card as a suitable means of verification.

To complete the verification process, participants must use the system to capture a selfie. According to Roblox, at this stage of the service, “liveliness” (whether the image displayed is a living, breathing human image) and “similarity” (displayed in the uploaded document) Is it the same person as you are?) Is checked. ..

According to Roblox Corporation, the verification process will be rolled out in the coming weeks. For those who are concerned about data and privacy, the developers have also assured users that the platform will not store their raw identity documents or selfie data. Instead, when a government-issued identity document is scanned, an anonymized value is generated, allowing Roblox to validate the identity without risking exposing the user’s actual identity.

Roblox’s identity verification process may seem rigorous, but it’s similar to that used by many gambling sites and financial apps around the world. However, as many young gamers live on the platform, we hope it helps to make the platform as a whole more secure.

Similarly, IGN previously reported that Roblox had seen many of the mass shootings on its platform. The developers do not state that similar incidents are the reason for the introduction of age verification services and identity checks, but incorporating such a system will help improve the accountability of users throughout the community. There is a possibility.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN.You can follow him twitter..