Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Rising hands-on preview: “Diablo” dash and double-dose shooter’s healthy dose

For me, a year ago, Ascent was one of Microsoft’s first next-generation showcases, when they showed off many third-party exclusive products, such as Bright Memory Infinite and Second Extinction. Therefore, I am very happy to finally be able to start playing it-for the sake of transparency, this is done using mouse and keyboard controls via the PC streaming service. In any case, it soon became known that “The Ascent” is an action role-playing game, more like a two-shot shooter. You have special melee abilities, but from the early missions I performed, you mainly used the Halo-style two-slot artillery system to kill bad guys. I will discuss more gameplay later, but it is absolutely certain: Ascent’s cyberpunk aesthetic is nailed to the T, I must first talk about the cyberpunk atmosphere, because The Ascent is definitely itss nail. There are bright, over-saturated pinks, purples and blues everywhere, and the whole world feels appropriately dirty and tough. If the developer has obtained a Blade Runner license for the game, there is no need to change the name. From a visual point of view, it is indeed very effective, and I like it very much. When I entered the game world, it even surprised me a bit, because compared to the completely punk cyberpunk world that was thrown into the world after finalizing the appearance, the character creator you just started was quite humble.

Rise-May 2020 Screenshots

Okay, so it looks very low, but how effective is it? Well, the first elevator tone I ever heard for The Ascent was “Judge Dredd Meets Diablo”, but after the broadcast, I will say that it is indeed more like “Hunter: The Reckoning But Cyberpunk”. Both are good things. This is an isometric action RPG, yes, but in most cases you are shooting with two shots. It feels great on the mouse and keyboard, but this may be the case where I prefer gamepads in the end. In addition, although it is an isometric view, you are actually in a 3D space, which means you can crouch behind a low wall to cover it, or you can aim at a taller target (press and hold on the PC Right mouse button) to aim the target higher and shoot above the cover, or aim only at the enemy’s head instead of their chest.

After the broadcast, I will say that it is actually more like “Hunter: Punk of Calculation”.

In addition, fast scrolling is also a key step in mastering skills, because it is the best way to avoid hordes of enemies or avoid powerful boss attacks.

Naturally, you can upgrade your character, find new weapons and armors, and be able to unlock special abilities. You can equip up to two of them at a time. What I got when I was playing was “Hydraulic Slam”, which was a powerful melee attack. It helped me bake four mini-boss fighting in a high-altitude battle on a mission.My best summary of “The Ascent” so far is that the start was a bit slow. The first about an hour of the movement is spent on the level. Although it looks beautiful, it is equivalent to a cyberpunk RPG that kills mice. But I forgot the buzzing after that, because I was exploding into groups of bad guys, colliding toes with tenacious bosses, wandering in densely populated city centers, where I could visit shopkeepers, perform bystanders, etc. This is a very interesting game, and I am eager to play more games when I land on PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One on July 29-and I can play on Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

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