Riot Forge and Choice Provisions have opened the lid for a new “fast-paced” rhythm runner for the Nintendo Switch.

Official title Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends Story, And will arrive at the hybrid system on November 16th (next week). You can get a better idea of ​​what to expect in the trailer above.

And there’s a little more PR from the official game website:

Bomb, bounce, and bounce to the beat of music to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies, and use light fuses to achieve maximum confusion. Cause a musical mayhem while overtaking Heimardinger, whose quest is unenjoyable in your quest to make the biggest bomb the world has ever seen!

Use the Freestyle Mayhem System to create spontaneous blasts and earn bonus points. All dodge the fun police and show what they really lack.

Hextech Mayhem: Don’t leave the fuse off in the A League of Legends Story.

Pre-orders are now available on Nintendo Switch. What do you think of the announcement trailer? Do you play LOL? Please comment below.