Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Retro Studios Breaks Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s “Open World” Idea: Corruption

Image: Nintendo

It turns out that Retro Studios had a pretty ambitious plan to make a popular third entry Metroid Prime Series open world game.

During ~ Interview with Kiwi Talks, Deck Nine Games Producer Byran Walker-Senior Producer Metroid Prime 2: Echoes When Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionRevealed how Metroid Prime series director Mark Pacini had the idea of ​​making the third game an open-world title and taking Samus’s ship as a playable asset. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​an “open world” was so big that it was abandoned.

“Mark added an interesting twist to the Metroid Prime 3 vision and some formulas compared to Metroid Prime 2. For example, he wanted to make the ship a more playable asset. I was thinking to some extent, but Mark was thinking more ambitious … there was also an open world and it wasn’t linear … the team was excited. We were many of them. Couldn’t be prototyped, because they were really really big-we had some ship prototypes early on, but the open world ones were much bigger … In fact, Mark is his visual aid, this origami Sams ship. He used a program that could take the mesh of the Sams ship and basically unfold it and turn it into a paper model. Had this cardboard Sams ship painted and it looked great, I think we can sell it today, but he had it as a mascot … and It was cool “

Walker added that Retro Studios felt that the goal was “not achieved” when the open world design was removed from Prime 3 and the title couldn’t “extend the formula.” Nevertheless, the team is incredibly proud of the third entry and considers it a “great” game. Still, he’s still wondering how fans received this “open world” idea when it was released.

“I would like to know how the fan community responded to the increased use of ships and the more open-world nonlinear experiences touched on that pitch.”

Interested in a more open world prime game where you can use Samus ships? What about something like this in the future? Please leave a comment below.