Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Restore the color discoloration lost in the surreal puzzle adventure game


  • Discoloration It is a surreal first-person puzzle adventure game, in which all the colors are gone, you can bring them back.
  • Explore and solve creative puzzles to restore lost colors.
  • Discoloration Now available on Xbox One.

in Discoloration You explore an unfamiliar and desolate roadside restaurant at the end of an abandoned highway, trying to restore the colors that have disappeared. This game is inspired by the science fiction novel “Twilight” and Ray Bradbury’s books. I like how these stories are of otherworldly quality, exuding a sense of mystery, and there is a slight anxiety in the air. However, while experiencing the surreal nature of these worlds, there is also a wonderful feeling.I want to create something like Discoloration.

In the same way, puzzles and gameplay Discoloration There is also a unique quality that may exceed the traditional rules of the modern world and requires you to think outside the box. When you start to restore the colors of the world, you will find that certain items must follow the rules of each color. Keep these rules in mind when collecting new items, sometimes combining them to solve puzzles, the world will become more open, and you may also feel that you are not alone in this restaurant in the desert.


The minimalist art style of the game is largely influenced by the traditional artists Edward Hopper and John Register. Their paintings contain simple details, but it is their amazing use of color and light that makes their world alive.


For this story, I want to deal with it with the same minimalism.Draw inspiration from the game Limbo with witnessThere are hints to reveal the story here and there, but this is also a narrative exercise in your own mind, and you begin to fill in the gaps in what really happened. Be sure to find all the achievements to capture all the clues of the story.


Discoloration Mainly I spent two years making it myself. Creating it is a wonderful experience, and I am honored to be able to bring it to Xbox One. I invite you to check it out, hope you like it!

Xbox Live


Godbey Games LLC


9.99 USD

A lonely roadside restaurant in the desert. The locals say it has lost all its colors. You are sent to investigate. Discolored is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure that takes place in a desolate place for more than two hours. Your task: to restore color to this once vibrant world. What causes the color to disappear? How can they be brought back? As you explore, you will solve a series of creative puzzles and uncover a series of clues-leading you to discover the deeper secrets of this strange place at the end of the abandoned highway.Features: First-person exploration and intricate and creative puzzle-solving fusion. A single environment will change and expand with your game. The eye-catching minimalist aesthetics and the unforgettable and wonderful soundtrack are designed for single-player experience-available in Play in two people-about a few hours