Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Resonate with sophisticated Paragon updates and celebrate at Trove’s Snowfest event

Make your own one ring with a polished paragon! After reaching class level 30, you will receive a new Paragon level and access a powerful new ring. Earn primal loops and create crystal level rings with special abilities for each class!

Your efforts will also bring Primal Paragon Pinatas directly to your inventory. Have a pinata party with your friends and receive special rewards such as Nitro-Glitterine Ore, Paragon’s Marks, Trovian Loops and even special wing pairs! Turn those new Paragon’s Marks into a whole new collective at Paragon Workbench and watch the stables and peers grow.


Do you feel like a festival? Snowfest brings you a holiday festival that you enjoy. Trove The Snowfest will be held again from December 14th to December 28th. New costumes, new mounts, and even magriders can show off the spirit of your season!

Celebrate the most fun events at the hub, join a special snowball fight version of Bomber Royale and share your joy with everyone!



Trion Worlds Inc.



Welcome to a bigger and better hub than before! “Hubdate” is full of features found in the menu, but now it has a physical shape and a house! Similar updates will be applied to the console platform in the near future. Be sure to visit the hub and check the hub guide for more information. Tell us about your new favorite hangout at the hub! There are many other changes and fixes in this patch, so be prepared to discover new Delve bosses, dungeons, styles and more. What are you looking for? It’s time to dive into Trove and see for yourself what’s new!