Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Resident Evil Village: Whenever Ethan Winters’s hand is injured, we are counting

As a first-person game, one of the most common things players see in Resident Evil Village is the hand of the protagonist Ethan Winter (Ethan Winter). They are also part of Ethan, and Capcom is clearly the least fond of it, or perhaps the favorite for destruction. It will take place during the opening of the Village, and things will only get worse from there. The fans claimed how long Ethan’s hands had succumbed to some terrible fate, and the magical degree to which he could mend it every time he took the medicine, they didn’t move around. RE7 is just the beginning of the trauma, so we have compiled some numbers for the frequency of Essen’s fingers being killed in the village of Resident Evil. obviously, Spoilers for the entire game are in front of youSo, if you haven’t started playing the game, be sure to check our Resident Evil Village review first, or if you need help finding some herbs to magically cure all of Ethan’s poor injuries, please check out our RE Village guide.

Resident Evil Village: Whenever Ethan Winters’s hand is injured, we are counting

1. Barbed wire

Ethan encountered a barbed wire fence while trekking through the soft and pure white snow of the dark night/early morning and the prologue of the countryside. Ethan accidentally cut his left hand while lifting the wire with his left hand and allowing the rest of his body to pass safely, which immediately set a precedent in the countryside. When Ethan was forced to climb on the dirty, blood-stained wooden floor of the nearby hut he found, it proved the deep pain. We don’t even start to imagine what infections he might have.

2. Lycan champion

Left-handedness is a bad day for anyone, but in the rest of Ethan’s adventures, this is hardly a footnote (note?). After a while, in a village called Village, a group of hungry werewolves chased Ethan. One of the worst moments of the initial encounter was when Ethan thought he was hiding in the residence of an old man with a bullet gun. Unfortunately, when the werewolf (Lycan) pulled him across the ceiling, he met him The end.

But we are not here to discuss that guy’s hand! Thankfully, for this story, but not for Ethan, he was quickly pulled under the house, and there were dead bodies everywhere. When trying to escape, Ethan crawled over these decaying corpses and saw a faint ghost wandering in the distance. Pushing forward, it leaped towards Ethan and ripped a piece from his hand, in the process causing him to lose the position of the little finger and ring finger of his left hand.

3. Werewolf grab

However, not every attack on Ethan is based on the scriptures. While exploring the main village hub, wandering werewolves can surprise Ethan by attacking. Naturally, they locked his wrists and pierced the cervical spine with their dagger-pointed teeth. They are very injured. Ethan can take some medicine without causing any permanent loss of flexibility, but they undoubtedly aggravate the injury.

4. Put on handcuffs

The next example is more about possible damage than actual damage, but this shocked everything that Ethan and the acting players experienced. At the beginning of the campaign, when Miranda’s mother’s family was kidnapped, Ethan woke up to find that he had been bound by some tight, rusty metal handcuffs. They were obviously not disinfected, but they were obviously bound by the design of Magneto Heisenberg, a town resident. Ethan was forced to escape through a trap that was easily constructed. The only way to escape certain deaths was to use Ethan’s straps to prevent the full room, spinning, and spiked traps from hindering his progress. Fortunately, this move not only saved Ethan’s life, but also allowed him to move his arms independently of each other again. Finally, a moment of peace.

5. Slash S drink

But that kind of peace will not last long! Madame Dimitrescu was the first major villain Ethan faced in the countryside, a towering vampire woman and the ruler of a grim castle in the town. Naturally, she immediately kidnapped you as soon as she found you were fooling around. Her daughters cut off his hand and let her draw blood from it. This requires a lot of processing, but it is quite mild compared to what happens immediately afterwards.

6. Hooked

Ethan was stunned-what else? -His palm is suspended from the ceiling of the castle by two huge hooks. The hook poked out of his palm, causing him to lift it high in pain. Ethan is naturally someone who never has to worry about his hand. He let go of the first hand and let the hook go through it. You don’t know that you used that empty hand to help him unhook, but when he pulled it away with his own weight and dropped it on the floor, let the hook pass through the appendage slice. Oh, but don’t worry, some convenient medicines nearby will only make those thoughts of injury fleeting.

7. Fly

As shown in the picture, at this point in the adventure, Ethan’s hand miraculously regenerates with Wolverine efficiency. But there will be more problems. One of the worrying signs is that a fly leaned forward from Ethan through Lady Dimitrescu’s clue. Climbed out of his hands while in the castle.

8. Beheaded

When sneaking around the castle of the village, the flies are undoubtedly a worrying signal, because Madame Dimitrescu’s daughters can turn into a buzzing camp at any time. Like the werewolves in town, Ethan’s forearms had another unwritten opportunity to endure more pain. In this case, it was another robbery, because one of his daughter’s sharp claws was dug out under his skin, and some of the thick teeth were inserted and bitten quickly.

9. Cut-off point

Nick, chopped, handcuffed, chopped, drunk, hooked, covered with hungry flies-where else can Ethan’s hand go from here? Well, how to cut it off completely. When Ethan pulled the joystick in the damp and gloomy sewer of Ms. Dimitrescu’s residence, the matriarch sneaked in and cut his right hand into one of the village’s most effective jumping scares. Then, Ethan must pick up the severed limb, escape when the lady is chasing, and then fix it again when it’s safe. how is it? You guessed it, it was a sweet bottle of green magic medicine made from ground herbs and chemical potions.

10. Haunted doll

In arguably the scariest place in Resident Evil Village, Ethan finds himself groping in the dark without weapons, dodging a disturbingly big baby, and fighting a haunted doll. Of course, this is also a good place for some kind of injury that fell from Ethan’s hands.

There are two separate instances. The first is a scripted script, which takes place in the battle closest to the boss in this section. During the duel with Donna Beneviento, Ethan must search for a very special, ridiculous white doll among the many dolls. Whenever he found her, Ethan would stab her with scissors. However, during the first strike, this porcelain nightmare will bite off from your palm. It’s faster than some of Ethan’s past hand movements, and of course it’s not so eye-catching, but it’s still worth mentioning.

11. Spider doll

When looking for a particular doll in the stormy ocean, anxiety-induced claps will occur around the house. If Ethan takes too long, more spider-like dolls will attack. These terrifying enemies pounced on the screen, and one of their attacks was through a neat little string of hands. Then, they dissipated in a friendly and thoughtful manner, allowing Ethan to continue the demon game of hide and seek.

Next comes another warning, “The Main Killer in Resident Evil Village.”

12. Mould

In the end, Ethan’s adventure through the village of Resident Evil is also the most important. This is an important revelation, explaining most of the stories of Village and 7, and more importantly, why his hands will be hurt so much. In a dream state, Ethan has been facing the realization that he has always been a replica of a real handicraft. Ethan actually died when he arrived at Baker’s residence in the seventh game.

Since then, we have been playing Mould Entertainment, and his memory is intact. At this emotionally devastating moment, Ethan’s hand began to shift into the living form of infinitely tangled black tendrils-mold. Then he woke up with his left hand still crippled and his right hand still doing better, but finally realized how he endured all the pain. And how can all these drugs have always been placebos.