Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Resident Evil 4VR cuts certain content, including voice lines and animations

Resident Evil 4VR is a complete remake of Capcom’s horror classic, with the exception of virtual reality. However, some things have been left behind in the past as Facebook confirmed that certain dialogues and animations were removed for the modern audience.

Specifically, Resident Evil 4 VR has removed certain thought-provoking dialogues related to Ashley Graham, whose president’s daughter Leon Kennedy is being rescued. This includes a line from another character, Lewis, who references Ashley’s body.

In addition, Ashley’s skirt can no longer be searched for in certain areas of the game, and the corresponding animation has been removed.

Screenshots of Resident Evil 4 VR gameplay

In a statement from a Facebook spokeswoman, they said: “Oculus Studios, Armature and Capcom have worked closely together to remaster Resident Evil 4 for VR from scratch, including an immersive environment and high-definition graphics, as well as in-game. It also includes selected changes to the dialogue and animation of, and we believe that Resident Evil 4 will be updated for modern viewers. “

Ogling Ashley isn’t really a central part of the Resident Evil 4 experience, so it’s hard to say that this will significantly change the game. If you feel strongly, this content is still present in one of many other versions of Resident Evil 4.

Potentially even more disappointing is the news that Resident Evil 4VR does not include additional modes like mercenaries or separateways. Read the Resident Evil 4VR review for our complete impression.

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