Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Reproduce, survive and evolve with Niche

To be honest, it was very exciting for me to release a game on the console for the first time.

Niche-Genetic Survival Game It started as a university project, and I have been doing this hobby since I graduated.with Niche, My goal has always been to try to see if biological principles can be turned into an interesting game. Since I decided to study game design, but always a little sad because I didn’t choose to study biology, I decided to try to mix my interests and try to make a game about population genetics. After starting to post about the project, I quickly realized that many gamers and I were interested in biology, animals, and evolution. The breeders of cats, horses, and dogs have joined the gaming community. If I make a mistake about the genetic system of the game, I must be scolded.

At the same time, a development team began to revolve around Niche We decided to try our luck and start Kickstarter. With the help of our community and reports from various scientific websites, we managed to exceed our funding goals and began to work together on the game of our dreams. After the first release on PC, we have continued to improve and expand the game over the months.right now Niche Finally came to the game console. What an interesting journey this is!

Niche-Genetic Survival Game It is a single player simulation/strategy game. You become the leader of a group of mammals and strive to overcome all difficulties to survive. This is no easy task, because the game world is full of dangers, such as predators, diseases, and changing climates. Niche With a breeding system based on real genetics, 5 different biomes to explore and procedurally generate a world, and animals with more than 100 different genes to shape your own species.

In the sandbox mode, players can create their own challenges through various custom settings. In the story mode, players will experience the story of Adam, a little Nicheling cub captured by a bird of prey and barely escaped being eaten. After escaping, Adam found himself on a foreign island far from home. Adventure between islands, escape from predators, find new partners and adapt to increasingly dangerous biomes. Find a way back to the old tribe while building your own genetically unique family.

Niche-Genetic Survival Game

One of Niche’s main inspirations is the Warriors series, which is a series of novels about wild cats living in the forest.I am also a big fan Don’t starve to death, spore, with Biological series, All this helped me imagine what Niche It might be when I first started.

I hope this article helps you have a basic understanding of what Niche What drove me and my team to make this game. If you like cute animals, genetics and survival games, then this game is for you. Niche Now available on Xbox One!

PS: If you know any science teacher, PC games are provided to schools for free.

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Niche-Genetic Survival Game

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Niche-Genetic Survival Game is a brand new fusion of turn-based strategy and simulation with rogue elements. Model your own cat/fox/bear/dog based on real genetics. Keep your animals alive under desperate circumstances, such as hungry predators, climate change, and disease transmission. Main features: – Living dynamic world to test your survival skills – Breeding system based on real genetics – More than 100 genes to shape your species – Procedural world and animals – Game mechanics inspired by population genetics – 5 features In terms of biome exploration and education of different predators, prey and flora: When playing Niche, players will understand the scientific mechanism of genetics (dominant-recessive, co-dominant inheritance, etc.). The game also has five pillars of population genetics (genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, and sexual selection). All knowledge is intertwined with game mechanics. This has the effect of playing and learning.