Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Report Claims FIFA wants EA to cough “more than twice” for licensing

Image: EA Sports

FIFA Is one of the most popular video game brands in the world, and the famous soccer series has recorded millions of sales each year since it began in 1993.

So I was shocked to hear that EA was “groping for the idea of ​​renaming” the franchise. Why change the name of such a famous brand? Now, New York Times Right, that comes down to a pretty predictable reason: money..

The outlet reports that the current 10-year contract between EA and FIFA will end next year, and the two are trying to reveal the details of the new contract at the time of writing. FIFA – an abbreviation for the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile – which may seem strange – is reported to require “more than double” the current cost of the license. That’s “more than $ 1 billion per four-year World Cup cycle.”

This may seem greedy, but it’s worth noting that since the last deal was signed in 2012, the mechanics behind how EA makes money from FIFA have changed dramatically. FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, which focuses on in-game microtransactions, $ 1.62 billion EA won in 2021 in all Ultimate Team modes across the range of its sports titles. In 2015, that figure was $ 587 million.

FIFA naturally recognized this, recognized the rise of eSports events featuring the FIFA video game brand, and understood the opinion that the name is more valuable to EA than it was when it returned to 2012 when there was a previous version of the deal. doing. I signed it.

Another commitment on that topic is that the two companies cannot agree exactly what the new transaction should cover. EA wants to expand the use of FIFA licenses to cover the video game tournaments mentioned above and consider new digital products such as NFTs. However, FIFA is also keen to explore these opportunities, but on its own terms, not in the EA series.

The end result is no consensus and the EA will do exactly what it has been considering and rename it to one of the most famous video game franchises to date. In other words, we can see the future where neither PES nor PES exists. FIFA exists in the form of video games.

Still, when you think we gave FIFA 22 It’s a shameful 2/10, but most Switch fans may not care so much. Whatever the name on the box, the 2022 game is likely to be a legacy version of the Nintendo console anyway.