Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Reminder: Unlock special Mario Party Superstars themes with Tetris 99

Image: Nintendo

update: This event is currently underway and will run until December 13th. Join us in the fun while you can unlock this special Mario Party Superstars theme.

original [Tue 7th Dec, 2021 02:00 GMT]: This year is almost over and I’m going out with a bang Tetris 99 We are hosting a party this weekend.Yes, you will be able to unlock special locks later this week Mario Party Superstars Theme-Based on the latest entries in the long-running multiplayer party series.

Tetris 99 27th MAXIMUS CUP event 11:00 pm PT upon December 9th To 10:59 pm PT upon December 13th.. To participate, only members * of Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will play. Tetris 99 Online mode during the event. Players will earn event points based on their placement in each match. As players accumulate a total of 100 event points, new themes inspired by background art, music and tetromino designs are unleashed. Mario Party Superstars game. “

It follows events on various other themes based on releases such as: Metroid Dread, Monster Hunter Rise When WarioWare: Get It, and probably The last Tetris 99 event in 2021.

Would you like to join this week’s cup? Do you still play Tetris 99 on a regular basis? Please leave a comment below.