image: Nintendo

update: A note to remind you that the Nintendo of America Celebration Indie World Sale is ending tonight Just before midnight The last moment of 2021, or earlier if you are east of the PT Zone. Get whatever you see in advance!

(Nintendo Europe launched the New Year sale shortly after the festive sale ended, so North American readers may not have to wait for the next sale as much as you think!)

Nintendo of America has launched a sale featuring 30 indie titles, including discounts for key loved ones such as Hades, Oxenfree and Streets of Rage 4.

Sale It will end at 11:59 pm PST on December 31st.Therefore, you have time to peruse the available titles and decide how to use your Holiday Gift Certificates that you may or may not receive in the next few days.

Below is a complete list of games available with discounted prices. Click the column headers to sort them alphabetically or by price, then click the game title to see more about the game through reviews.

Various other titles that are technically not part of this “Indie World Holiday Sale” are on sale. Great games such as Florence, Donut County, Gorogoa and the Wreckage of Edith Finch are part of another publisher-specific “Annapurna Interactive Indie World”. For example, “Holiday Sale”. Anna Purna’s holiday offer ends at the same time — 11:59 pm PT on December 31st.

check out Nintendo sales page For a complete list of all the sales they made during the holidays.

If you would like to choose one of the above games, please let us know below.