Legendary and respected Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna has changed history through his inspiring victorious career. Senna is still known as one of the most iconic drivers to date in many respects, including technique, charisma, example, and grit. Not a coincidence, Senna was respected by everyone, from enthusiastic fans to the most enthusiastic rivals.

Now you can respect his memory and relive his most amazing steps in a nostalgia-led arcade-style racing game.If you have already played Horizon Chase Turbo, It’s time to celebrate. But if not, this extension is a great reason to start discovering this classic and award-winning game.

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever Is the biggest expansion of the game to date, debuting a whole new set of cars, trucks and features inspired by Senna’s career. By the way, this is all thanks to the partnership and support of Senna Brands. Part of the benefits of the expansion will also be used to support the educational program at the Ayrton Senna Institute. It is wonderful.

Let me show you some of the main features we are waiting for you. full throttle!

In Career mode, you can feel Ayrton Senna’s most iconic challenges and victories.

Imagine impersonating Senna in first-person view gameplay in a campaign that specifically focuses on some of the greatest moments of your journey to glory. – This is the carrier mode, which is the main feature of this extension. Play in 5 different chapters, each with a set number of key races based on his life career. Relive the real decisive moments of each grid. Checkpoints are called “Senna’s Marks” and can also be completed.

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

Master the weather and be recognized.

And did you say you would be the “rainmaster” to complete these? Yes! Senna was known as the Rainmaster because she was even more afraid of racing in this rainy weather. Do you also use it? There is only one way to find it.

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

The thrill of the cockpit.

first time Horizon Chase Turbo, You can feel the heat of the moment from inside the cockpit. You should try the all-new first-person view, an optional, extension-only feature. How much fun is it?

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

Choose your strategy carefully, as Senna did.

generally, Horizon Chase Turbo, Your strategy choice was to choose your car before the race. Well, this time it’s Senna, so I’m using a car inspired by the car he drove. However, to maintain the strategic side, we created a new mechanism called Race Strategies. Before each race, you need to choose whether to focus on reinforced tires, advanced aerodynamics, or specialty fuels.

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

The fun lasts forever: Championship mode with unpredictable challenges.

Good news for those who are worried about reproducibility. Championship mode covers 100% from 18 different playable teams and 3 categories, depending on the type of challenge you are looking for. All races here feature randomized competitors, tracks and weather, so you never know what’s coming.

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

Many new cars are waiting.

cool down! Many new cars are also coming for you to unlock! Six new cars will be introduced in Career mode, and you can choose from over 30 different playable cars in Championship mode.It’s charming

Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever

I love the smell of tires in the morning.

Remember when we were kids we all sat and played together on the couch? That was something. I have regained that feeling!You can play Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever There are up to 4 local players and some randomized from championship mode. But you have a snack!

So are you excited? That’s true. Buy now and secure your place quickly and on the starting grid! Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever Currently available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Horizon Chase Turbo-Sena Forever




$ 5.99

Experience the best Ayrton Senna moments at Horizon Chase Turbo-Senna Forever. Follow the steps of the legendary Brazilian driver in the emotional Chapter 5 single player career mode. Feel the heat of the moment from inside the cockpit with a whole new first-person perspective (unique to Senna Forever). Make difficult choices with the new race strategy mechanism (Senna Forever specific) and choose your car setup taking into account each race track and weather conditions. Pursuing more than 130 Senna marks in career mode, he seeks to achieve outstanding historic performance for the driver. Choose one of 18 different teams to become your legend and dominate the world circuit races through 3 different categories in championship mode. Unlock at least 30 cars to play in this game mode. Compete for endless championships with your friends Play alone or against up to four local players and experience unique runs in random weather, tracks and unpredictable championships of competitors.

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Horizon Chase Turbo

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$ 19.99

Homage to Classic Arcade Racer Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the blockbusters of the 80’s and 90’s, including Outrun, Top Gear and Rush. It reproduces classic arcade gameplay and gives you unlimited speed limits of fun. The COUCH MULTIPLAYER IS BACK Horizon Chase Turbo offers a multiplayer split-screen mode that saves you the nostalgia of playing with your best friend sitting on the couch all night. Reinventing the 16-bit graphics Horizon Chase Turbo is inspired by the past without letting go of its simultaneity. Drive a special place while watching the sunset, facing rain, snow, ash, and even severe sandstorms. The legendary Barry Leitch Horizon Chase Turbo introduces Barry Leitch, the musician behind the classic arcade racing game Rota Starbo Challenge, Top Gear, and the Rush soundtrack.