Monday, May 16th, 2022

Release of Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op and Forge Mode has been postponed

Halo Infinite will not be able to get the campaign mode co-op option until May 2022 at the earliest. Forge mode goes a step further.

Talk to Eurogamer, Creative Joseph Staten’s 343 Head confirmed that the extension of the game’s Halo Infinite Season 1 meant that the two requested features were delayed.

When 343 announced that Campaign Corp and Forge would not participate in the launch game, the former revealed that they would drop in Season 2 and the latter in Season 3. Staten has confirmed that Season 1 is currently running for about 6 days. This means that these modes have also been postponed instead of the planned three months. Season 2 begins in May 2022 and Season 3 can be around August-September.

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However, Staten could not determine either release date. “As we see in this multiplayer beta, we can’t assure a tight date at this time as others can go up in the priority stack. Our progress system is working as intended. It turned out not. If you need to move some of these big rocks faster, make those decisions as a team and clearly tell your fans why we are why we Are you doing something specific? “

As Staten mentions, the team had to respond quickly to complaints about the game’s Battle Pass progress system after the player found it to be grind. Staten’s comments suggest that over time, more work can be done on the system.

Despite that reaction, Halo Infinite’s early multiplayer launch has been widely and favorably received, with great success not only on Steam but also on Xbox’s own platform. Campaign Mode will be released on December 8th and will be introduced as soon as possible with 5 minutes of gameplay.

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