Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Release Halo Infinite on Steam looks like a very good decision

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released early yesterday, and Xbox Game Studios’ decision to launch it on Steam with the Xbox PC app seems to have already worked very well.

according to SteamDB, The game was flooded with a large number of players within a day of its release. Throughout the period, Halo Infinite’s peak number of concurrent players exceeded 250,000 to 272,856. Ranked 22nd With the highest number of players ranking in the history of the platform.

This puts the game on top of things like Payday 2 and Rust, just below Skyrim and Destiny 2. If the game reaches this peak on Monday, it’s quite possible to climb these charts this week.

The statistics surrounding the Steam version of Halo Infinite are impressive enough in their own right, but the release of the game on the platform is even more as many other platforms running the game experienced launch issues an hour after the announcement. It became important.

Many players who tried to access the game with the Xbox PC app yesterday experienced a problem where the game did not seem to launch properly. This seems to be due to an issue where updates are not displayed for download. The pre-installed size of the Xbox PC app was 200MB, but the file size of the Steam version was about 26GB, and the player was able to run the game as intended.

The issue with the Xbox PC app version of the game has since been resolved, but it’s still unclear if the issue caused more influx of players to choose to jump to the Steam version of the game.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Season 1 Rewards

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer seems to be a huge success, but there are several factors that may have contributed to this. First and foremost, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free. In other words, fans have nothing to lose when they take part in an action.

But even before yesterday’s release, expectations were high. Many players have been waiting to play Halo Infinite for months after last year’s game delay. Delays can be a bad sign of the game at release, but many fans are excited to dive into Infinite’s multiplayer after receiving positive reports from a technical preview of a previously run game. Was there.

Infinite has already attracted a huge number of players since its release, so it’s interesting to see how the game runs throughout the weekend. This is usually the time when the game will experience more players, and Microsoft definitely wants Infinite to keep pushing higher on the charts across many platforms.

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