Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Reggie says there is still hope that Nintendo doesn’t think it has “abandoned” F-ZERO

Image: Nintendo

One of the series that I’m sure many Nintendo fans are looking forward to coming back to is F-ZERO.. The Nintendo 64 version was re-released in March via the Switch Online service, New arrival Entry into the futuristic racing series since the 2004 Game Boy Advance title, F-ZERO climax..

So is this classic Nintendo series ever back? Former Nintendo US President Reginald Fiss Aime (currently busy promoting his new book) Confuse the game) GamesBeat asked me why F-ZERO was “abandoned” by Nintendo.

Reggie’s view is that Nintendo has “never” consciously decided to stop supporting a particular series, at least based on his own history at the company. In reality, he’s just experimenting with different new gameplay styles and how they can be applied to new or existing series.

He seems to think that someone at Nintendo’s headquarters is likely trying out the right idea for future F-ZERO games. This is exactly what he had to say:

“Why F-ZERO was abandoned? The insight I share is that Nintendo developers may constantly experiment with different gameplay styles and create existing or new franchises, at least during my tenure. Hmm. In my bet, somewhere in the development center in Kyoto, there is a developer trying out ideas that might apply to F-ZERO. At least in my experience, the company supports the XYZ franchise. A conscious decision not to continue. Historically, it didn’t work that way, not when I was there. “

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard a former Nintendo person talking about the resurrection of F-ZERO. In fact, last year, Takaya Imamura, a former Nintendo staff member, said that the racing series still has some life left, but it takes a “magnificent new idea” to get it back. Shigeru Miyamoto also mentioned how he felt that Nintendo had achieved everything the series could do in 2012.

What do you think the new F-ZERO game needs to do to evolve the series? Please leave a comment below.