Friday, September 17th, 2021

RedDeerGames summer promotion saves ridiculous costs on Switch, with prices as low as $0.09

You can buy Cyber​​ Protocol for only 9 cents!

The publisher RedDeerGames is holding a new summer promotion at the Nintendo Switch eShop to significantly reduce the price of its games for a limited time.

From now until August 26, you can get all the games listed below at a discounted price. To see these offers on the eShop, you need to already own a game from the RedDeerGames library-the good news is that you can already download one of them (comic picture books) for free, which means you can get all transactions without paying one Divide money.

  • Network protocol – 0,09 USD/EUR 9,99 USD/EUR
  • Clumsy sprint– 0,49 USD/EUR 4,99 USD/EUR
  • My goodness police- 0,49 USD/EUR 4,99 USD/EUR
  • Nirvana Pilot Yume- 0,49 USD/EUR 4,99 USD/EUR
  • art school– 2,49 USD/EUR 9,99 USD/EUR
  • Brawl Chess- 2,49 USD/EUR 9,99 USD/EUR
  • Under the leaf- 3,89 USD/EUR 12,99 USD/EUR
  • The Encyclopedia of Little Mouse—— 3,89 USD/EUR 12,99 USD/EUR

Remember, you need to own a game from RedDeerGames for these discounts to appear on the eShop!

At the very least, downloading Comic Coloring Book for free and then downloading Cyber​​ Protocol for only 9 cents may seem like a breeze for us, but please leave a comment below and let us know which games you are considering trying.